20Q Version 3 £5.88 @ Amazon

20Q Version 3 £5.88 @ Amazon

20QsAmazon currently have a nice price deal on this electronic 20Q version 3 - they usuall sell it for £10.99 but are letting go, at the moment, for £5.88.

I LOVE these electronic 20 questions games!

Admittedly I've only ever played with them in Tescos because I'm too tight to pay a tenner for one, so I'm finding this little deal rather tempting.

The Teenagers love them too, and they make for a fun little stocking filler item to pad out the, seemingly, ever-decreasing pressie pile that seems to be the way of it when you get older.

I did try and explain to them that the budget is pretty much the same, it's just that iPods, phones and netbooks cost loads but don't look so impressive when they're all wrapped up.

If you get a one of these 20Qs then you must be prepared to, "'think of something, go on, GO ON!" at least  a hundred times before Christmas Day lunch, and then probably a thousand more times after lunch!

If you're not keen on been interrogated a'la the Spanish Inquistion then I suggest you start dreaming up your valid excuses, as to why you can't think of anything, now *grin*

Thanks to HAL200 over at HUKD


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