2 for £15 On Selected Chad Valley Toys @ Argos

1 September 2010

wheelbarrow Chad Valley toys are firm favourites with kids and parents across the land; Argos are offering you the chance to snaffle two Chad Valley toys for just £15

Did you know that Chad Valley was founded back in the 19th century and was named 'Chad Valley' because the company was located in the valley of a stream called Chad and was one of the UK's leading toy manufacturers for pretty much all of the 20th century?

Woolworths bought the brand name in 1978 and then Argos bought the name for £5m in 2009 when Woolies went bust - every day's a school day and all that (well it is for my kids as of tomorrow - yipppee!)

There are 35 Chad Valley items which come under this two for £15 Argos offer, and at the time of writing almost all of them are in stock.

With autum rapidly approaching there's going to be a ton of garden work to do soon, this wheelbarrow set is just the thing for little Percy Throwers to be able to help out.

My youngest loves diggers, JCBs (he's been able to say Joseph Cyril Bamford almost since he could speak!) and cement mixers - he has a fair few of these construction vehicles and will happily play with them for hours and hours at a time.

All of the items in stock are available for home delivery (£5.95) or you can collect them from your local Argos store.

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