1/2 Price Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant @ Argos / Amazon

1/2 Price Sylvanian Families Restaurant

It's not often that Sylvanian Families toys get reduced by a lot, as they retain their value so well, so to get this set for half price is a real bargain. The Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant set is now £24.99 at Argos, down from £49.99, and if you have Amazon Prime they have matched the price.

The Sylvanian Families Delicious Restaurant set includes a two-storey turquoise restaurant building, spiral staircase, kitchen, table and chairs, chef's outfit, tableware and menus.

It's a clearance line at Argos so although stock levels look good at the moment once they're gone that's it.

The price match at Amazon is a Prime exclusive, so non-prime customers cannot purchase at this price.

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  • Graeme F.

    Scratch that, just bought it

  • Kelly B.

    I've had a look and it's a Great bargain but Ruby doesn't need any more at the moment and her birthday is way too far off. X

  • Nicole D.

    This is the one I got :) x

  • Serena B.

    Be something we can all start to get for her x

  • Emma H.

    Argos also have the department store half price too xxx

  • Corey H.

    OMG a restaurant!!!! Love that staircase! :heart_eyes:

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