101 Piece Town And Country Train Set £32.95 @ The Baby Farm

8 November 2010

Town and Country Train Set

This gorgeous little 101 piece town and country train set is currently £32.95 at The Baby Farm, about £7.00 cheaper than other retailers.

This beautiful wooden set is sure to set the imagination of many a child on fire as the train completes it's figure of eight or circuit track through and around the town and it's inhabitants.

The set comes complete with five double storey residential houses, five cars – one of which is a police car, two buses, and an ambulance. There is a fire station/hospital and two other buildings. There are eight people in this obviously tiny village, a bunch of trees – I believe they're apple and spruce – and two bridges. Finally, there are also a boat and a train engine and three carriages.

Fortunately BigJig also make a host of other stations and trains, so mixing and matching and growing your town will be easy to do – especially since the tracks also fit Brio trains.

This set, as it stands in the picture is approx 76cm x 102cm.

Thanks to Mackie7722 from HUKD

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