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Is there a better time of year to get organised than January? The nights are long, it’s cold and sitting on the sofa sorting through paper work is almost appealing. KTwo Products can help you with their solutions for getting organised.

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I really love the stuff at KTwo Products. I think they just have brilliant ideas and even a disorganised person like me can find some order in the chaos.

KTwo bestsellers include the Birthday Card Book, which is great if you want to return to the art of sending cards rather than relying on Facebook or text. This is £9.99 normally, but £8.99 for you – and where you’re really saving is the postage of £5.95.

There’s also a very useful School Year Calendar with which you can keep track of what the whole family are up to, with deep pockets in each month’s slot for keeping extra information, flyers and so on. It also comes with a tear off note pad and stickers to help you plan. The calendar has a column for birthday reminders and runs from August to August to keep in line with the academic year.

There are plenty options to suit your and your family’s needs at KTwo Products.

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  • fernisababe
    I have a couple of their products. The diary is fab but disappointed with the family calendar as it has no 'pictures' and the dates are so small. I bought it for my neighbour and won't be buying that one again :(
  • Banana79
    HI, the birthday book is fab but is £9.99 not £7.99. Thanks for the code!
  • LuschkaPP
    HI, the birthday book is fab but is £9.99 not £7.99. Thanks for the code!
    Thanks Banana79! Not sure what I was thinking there! I've fixed it now.
  • KTWO
    HI, the birthday book is fab but is £9.99 not £7.99. Thanks for the code!
    Hi Fernisababe, sorry to hear you were disappointed with the calendar because our number one priority is that our customers find our products useful. I have passed your feedback to our design team so they can bear it in mind for our 2013 calendar.

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