Potty Training Toilet Ladder Seat Steps £10.97 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Pakeeza

Potty Training Ladder Seat Steps £10.97

Potty Training? We are at the moment, and my son prefers the potty to the toilet. Some children are the other way around and won't entertain a potty. For those kids that wish to use the toilet, it's worth picking up a step or something to help them get on with ease. This Potty Training Toilet Ladder Seat Steps are just £10.97 with FREE delivery included from Amazon Seller: Pakeeza.

The Potty Training Toilet Ladder Seat Steps covers the toilet seat so there's no need to constantly have to clean wee up.

They fold flat for when not in use too which is handy especially if you don't have the luxury of dedicating a toilet to your little one only.

It enables tots to go to the toilet themselves by climbing the steps and there are handles on to ensure they don't fall.

These seem to be used at a few nurseries in my local area, so I reckon they must be pretty good. Plus this one has a 4.3 star rating which is reassuring.

It's all plastic so it's easy enough to clean up any accidents.

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