Mamas & Papas Squeaka Duck Potty £6.95 @ Argos

24 February 2011

mamasAndPapasSqueakaDuckPotty Argos have reduced the price of this rather fun looking Mamas & Papas Squeaka Duck potty from £16.95 down to £6.95

The thought of potty training can be enough to strike fear into the heart of any parent about to cross those 'enemy' lines.

My youngest let us off scot free as far as making the transitition from nappies to the loo went - he took his nappy off one day, flatly refused to wear another one (even at night - we were very nervous), peed in the potty no more than five times before he decided he preferred the loo and that was the extent of our 'potty training' with him.

It's not the same for everyone though and anything that will help to make the whole process more fun, instead of stressful, is a great idea in my book.

This Mamas and Papas Squeaka Duck potty is the winner of a Practical Parenting Best Buy Award and is suitable for little tots aged 18 months and over.

The beak squeaks - I guess that's why they called it the Squeaka Duck potty then! - and the seat is ergonomically designed for comfort.

You want your potty to be clean and convenient and this Mamas and Papas Squeaka Duck potty can be covered with the lid for easy transportation; it has a detachable front for easy cleaning too.

It's not available for home delivery (but who wants to do that when Argos charge so much for it) so reserve yours and nip into town and pick it up.

Thanks to Haylhoo at HUKD

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