Free Sample Of Huggies Nappies And Money Off Vouchers

Free Sample Of Huggies Nappies And Money Off Vouchers

HuggiesGrab your free sample of Huggies nappies with two money off vouchers.

Pull ups cost an absolute fortune and I remember when my little one was in them, I'd cringe when she had an accident and just  want to put her back in nappies to save some pennies. I was so grateful when summer came around and she could run around nappy free outside.

I applied for one of these samples back then, and literally got one sample in an envelope - made for a good emergency one to keep in the car - but what was useful with it was the two money off coupons we received with it. I don't honestly remember how much it was, and I've searched high and low but I can't a reference to how much money you get off - as Tesco says though, 'Every little helps'.

To order you have to go to the link above, and register your details. They ask you the age of your child, and gender among with your physical details. Submit and you'll get a message saying:

"Thank you for ordering your Huggies® Pull-Ups® free sample pack. You sample will be delivered within 7 days."

Hope it helps save a few pennies!

Thanks to Lolaheart at HUKD 


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