Fisher-Price Froggy Friend Potty £11.73 @ Amazon

Amazon are selling this Fisher-Price Froggy Friend Potty for £11.73 at the moment, instead of its usual £16.99.

I know for a fact I wouldn't pay £16.99 for a potty, even if it is styled to look like a cute frog, and even £11.73 is pushing it a bit.  BUT, having read the reviews - there are 63 of them and they give a combined 4.5 star Amazon rating - this Fisher-Price Froggy Friend Potty is obviously worth investigating further.

Potty training tends to strike fear deep into the hearts of many parents and it can be a tricky time, so anything you can do to help the process along is worth it.

This Fisher-Price Froggy Friend Potty is very cute and, according to some of the reviews, he's comfy to sit on - which, let's face it, is an important thing to consider. He has a removable bucket which makes him nice and easy to keep clean and a handle for moving him around with.

There are THAT many good reviews I could choose to post here, but most of them are long - honestly, I've not read reviews about potties that convey such 'love' and gratitude towards the plastic recepticals! - and so I'll just post this one and suggest you head over to Amazon to read the rest.

The bottom line is, this Fisher-Price Froggy Friend Potty is well worth its price tag.

"I bought this potty after having first tried my son on a 'regular' potty, of while he found very uncomfortable and refused to use. Upon delivery of this potty he sat straight on it with no pproblems at all! its big and very sturdy.

Ideal for little boys and their bits (no more fountains!) and it is very easy to clean. Wouod def recommend this product to any one.. especially thoes with little boys! well worth the extra money!!"

Thanks to mackie7722 at HUKD

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