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Are you contemplating potty or toilet training your little one? I am sure you are fully aware that it's not a case on stick pants on them and showing them the toilet. There can be quite a few whoopsies! I know that pull-ups were a big no no for my kids and my health visitor was dead against them, as kids can differentiate between a nappy with side fastenings and a nappy that pulls up and down. They will use it like a nappy. Dry Like Me Toilet Training Pads are just £4 for four packs of 18, a total of 72 pads. Considering these normally sell for around the £10 mark. I'd say that's a bargain.

These Dry Like Me Toilet Training Pads are a really clever idea. You use little briefs or pants on your little one and these pads just slot into the gusset to protect from any accidents. You can use one or two, depending on the severity of then incontinence.

If your child has just recently been potty trained or has the odd accident and attends school or nursery then these can be used with normal pants so that the child isn't in a nappy.

Don't worry about these looking like a sanitary towel...they don't! They are triangular shape and are very absorbant. They must be changed as soon as an accident has happened.

The reviews for these on Amazon are great, and it's been rated four star. These are an add-on item, so you must either add them on to your order or why not buy three sets of them for £12 delivered.

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