Bug Potty £12.30 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Kiddie Kloud

Bug Potty £12.30 Delivered @ Amazon Seller: Kiddie Kloud

Bug Potty

I am starting potty training with my little one soon and have been looking out for a potty that will appeal to him. We spotted these Bug Potties from Amazon Seller: Kiddie Kloud and we think they are pretty darn cool. The black and white one reminds me of a cow. They are just £12.30 including FREE delivery which is reasonable for such a modern looking piece of kit.

The Bug Potty has a built in cup that is easy to remove, dispose contents down the toilet and rinse out. It's made from a chunky, brightly coloured plastic, so it's sturdy enough for little bums, no matter how hard they jump on it.

My favourite feature of the Bug Potty has to be the built in toilet roll holder. My Daniel is like the Andrex Puppy so I am not sure this would be a particularly practical thing for us but it would make him use the potty. It is handy to have there, you don't want your little one escaping with a dirty bum as you look for the toilet roll.


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