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11 July 2010

im_as_big_as_growth_chart I came across this FAUBULOUS growth chart today!

Ever since I was small, there has a been a ritual in my family of periodically recording how tall everyone is on, generally, a doorframe in the kitchen!

When it's time for the frame to be painted all measurements and dates are carefully written down on paper so they're not lost forever under the latest colour gloss.

This tradition carries on today and as the competition between The Teenagers as to who is the tallest has come to an end - my daughter, at 5ft 4 and a bit, is clearly not going to be any taller; she's miffed, as she at the very least wanted to be taller than me! - my eldest son continues to shoot upwards at an alarming pace.

jackHeightHe grew half an inch in ONE month not so long back and we now have the 6ft target marked on the door frame.

He's currently 5ft 10 and the measuring takes place under strict conditions and VERY close supervision from my daughter at the feet end to ensure that no tip-toe cheating occurs!

This 'I'm as big as...' growth chart makes this growing and measuring malarky just a bit more interesting and, dare I mention it, slightly educational.

Each person who measures themselves against the 'I'm as big as chart' will discover something about their height, whether they are bigger than a baguette, smaller than the Statue of Liberty's nose or make the height requirement to become a NASA astronaut!

And when you're done with the whole measuring thing you can take the chart down, fold it up and put it away for posterity.

I'm sure it'll make a few reappearances when the kids are all grown up and want to take a trip down memory lane, "Do you remember when I was as big as..?"

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