PlayPennies Launch Contest: Win A £200 Amazon Shopping Spree!

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In order to celebrate the launch of PlayPennies, the new blog in the Hotukdeals empire ;-), we're going to give away a super shopping spree at One lucky person will get the chance to choose anything they want from Amazon, up to a value of £200.

If you'd like to know a bit more about PlayPennies, why not have a read of our welcome post here.

How to enter:

  • Subscribe to the PlayPennies daily email updates (1 entry)
  • Leave a comment in thread below stating what product you really want from Amazon (1 bonus entry)
  • Tweet a link to this contest and leave your twitter link below (1 bonus entry)


  1. Contest ends Friday 18th December 2009
  2. Open to UK residents only
  3. 1 person per household may participate
  4. Must complete email verification when subscribing
  5. Must include valid email address if commenting below
  6. Admin’s decision is final in all cases

P.S. We'll do our best to get you your prize in time for Christmas, but we are at the mercy of Amazon's delivery policies.

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  • michael c.
    Xbox 360 Elite + left 4 dead 2!
  • GJM
    I really need to pick up some christmas prezzies for the folks twitter:
  • Pete
    Need to get some Blu Ray's never seem to have spare cash to get the one's I want.
  • Shaune
    I want an Xbox 360 with games from Amazon.
  • MommyByProxy
    I think the current winner is this. The other half would probably go for something to read that doesn't have pictures for the rare moments of peace. :D
  • oibaldy
    A single British penny below the £200 is the Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet WiFi 5" (reduced from £349), so everyone's a winner if I get this. Provided I am everyone.
  • JellyWibble
    I'm after a notebook for my Mum for xmas
  • Mike
    Samsung 2443NW 24" Widecreen 5ms LCD Monitor - Black £199.31, yes please. (kisskiss)
  • Andre If I had £200 from amazon id get: As my old receiver has decided to break in the last 2 weeks and therefore would be an ace xmas pressie! Good comp, and look forward to visiting the site!
  • rasanh
    1st yess please. Samsung 2443NW 24″ Widecreen 5ms LCD Monitor. twtter
  • Dan
    An xbox 360 with a few games! Make my year PlayPennies! :)
  • akme
    I want some candle making kits. I want to make something for my family this year rather than buying something that they wont wear or use...Everyone likes candles
  • Zam
    with £200 i'd get a good combination of gifts for my wife, our kids and myself. the missus would want books and dvds. educational toys for the kids. and for me, a bunch of PC games and books. have a merry christmas and happy holidays everyone!
  • maureen d.
    New crockery for my kitchen. It's such a big spend that i keep stlling and spending the money on other things and people. Merry Christmas everyone. x
  • Caroline
    A tandem pushchair for our increasing family come February!! That would be VERY useful! X
  • tara
    I would choose a ''LUXURY FAUX LEATHER TUB CHAIR IN EXPRESSO BROWN'' £72 to go in my new bedroom. and id get a dolce gusto coffee machine for my boyfriend :) cos im nice like that lol
  • Chris B.
    o defo an xbox 360 for me... would make a hard working student very happy lol
  • colin
    a psp go
  • Miah
    I want the following camera for holiday but cant afford it at the moment with recession. Amazon Sony DSCWX1S Cyber-shot Digital Camera - Silver £249.90
  • Barry R.
    Playstation 3
  • MH
    64GB iPod Touch
  • Nick
    Playstation Slim
  • Chris H.
    I'd love this nikon lens and with the leftover money I'd buy storybooks for my son!
  • Chris
    360 Elite would go down very well :)
  • ryan
    What a consumerist shallow country we live in.
  • Stacey
    I would purchase a netbook for my dad as my gran and grandad died lat year, one after the other and now my dad seems really lonely and depressed. He lives quite far from me so a netbook would mean we could stay in contact more often and he could hopefully join some networking sites and regain a social life.
  • iluvlfc
    Great competition i'd like a psp go plz if i win. Which i probably wont. My twitter
  • Matthew
    If I had to buy any product from Amazon right now it would be this Meerkat: With the remaining £198 I would buy something to make my life as a Law student a little easier...such as this crafty pen fishing rod. I would use it to fish out injustice.
  • Simi
    I really would like a Canon G10 if you're offering!
  • kerry
    Would love to get my partner a home cinema for his 3oth birthday
  • Jinit
    I really want the Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD Digital Camera from amazon.
  • Ko N.
    I want to buy a portable external hard drive, but since I am getting a gift from you, I will go for: Fujitsu 320GB Handy Drive V5 Portable External Hard Drive (Inc. Backup Software)
  • Dave
    I really want this from Amazon to go with my new 5530 xpressmusic phone :-)
  • Marg
    A PSP Go or a PS3 would be awesome. Winning anything would make it the best Christmas ever! Love this site and have read some great articles to help make life easier and more enjoyable with kids. Thanks!
  • Scotty B.
    A scanner for my mum and dad, so they can scan in all of the older photographs for my nephew & niece but also for my kids...whenever I have any! :-)
  • ddluk
    I would like to use that voucher to buy Microsoft Xbox360 wheel :) and ps3 to compare (xbox and ps3) the quality of games. My twitt:
  • Robert B.
    Xbox 360 Elite
  • Myles M.
    A lovely new PSP GO I think! And the Twitter link:
  • Dave
    I have a list of about 20 rather obscure-yet-on-amazon books I wouldn't mind perusing to aid in the development of my Philosophy PhD =)
  • Hummy
    I would love a Dell Mini 10, there's no way I could justify to myself spending that much as a student but it'd be so useful at University.
  • Peter K.
    An Ergotron MX Desk Mount LCD Arm for my new office to help me kick start my new business. And some stationery :)
  • Colin
    A Hornby train set for my Dad :)
  • Claire
    a 22" combi TV /dvd player for our bedroom so Daddy can take the little one to bed and i can have down time. Not still having to endure Teletubbies at 9pm if the little one having atantrum and wont settle
  • Emma
    A wii with wii-fit and balance board (and wii-fit plus if I have any change left :) ) to get rid of my new mummy tummy in time for a spate of weddings I have next year!
  • Ich :.
    A simple calender is all I ask for. And maybe some Solid Gold S.E.P
  • Misty
    I would love the "Beige Recliner Glider Chair & Stool - WHITE" £175. Great for feeding my baby and baby play and relaxing for family visitors
  • donepudi
    HTC Touch HD2 mobile phone
  • Brian F.
    Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet for just under the £200 would be amazing
  • Melissa
    AmazonKindle please please please
  • mike
    Western Digital My Book Essential Edition 2TB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
  • Mark
    Got to be an Xbox 360 for me :)
  • Charlie S.
    I would love to win so that i could buy my son, his own laptop to help with his gcse's next year.But the main reason is so that i don't miss out on any great deals off HUKD while he is on mine!
  • Dawn
    A Wii with wii-fit
  • Lisa K.
    I would like to buy a few more presents for my 2 year old daughter who had 3 heart operations last year and also for her brother who is 8 as we had to spend a lot of time away from him last year. So proud of my children :)
  • Lisa K.
    My tweet
  • Janet£200-amazon-shopping-spree/ Calling all parents to sign up for the best de
  • Woody
    I am still looking for the Barbie Camper van for my daughter - so if it ever goes in stock at Amazon I will be buying it! - Otherwise lots of books for the children!
  • Strike
    Amazon vouchers would be super because i have just come into the last stages of the laptop which i own, and tons of work to do. I saved up but not enough to buy a new one, but i have enough if i can use the 200 pounds too Cheers
  • Bingohomer
    I would use the £200 to buy the band hero or guitar hero world tour set so we could all play as a family and have a bit of a laugh.
  • cheerleader
    would love to get some new accessories for our kitchen & living room as we're trying to get the downstairs of our house decorated by christmas lol
  • Bingohomer
  • Janet
    I would buy lost of cds, games for my dsi and an ipod touch
  • Nitesh
    a netbook for my mum for christmas :)
  • david b.
    New video camera.
  • Lee P.
    Oooo Id love to get my surround sound a little friend such as Blu-Ray to enjoy Christmas in HD :)
  • simon
    I would get an ipod, if I was lucky enough to win.
  • cuzzy This prize would make Christmas so much easier, my daughter is asking for a Netbook for Xmas, unfortunately not enough funds in the pot just yet.
  • Will
    I'd love to get a digital slr camera to get some quality family photos.
  • Michael (.
    I would love to get myself a decent guitar for when I start my lessons in the new year! :o)
  • Helen H.
    I'd get a DSi as the hinge has just gone on my DS-lite :( if I won the vouchers :)
  • Dhanikk
    I'd love to buy a netbook to use at university :)
  • stuart
    id love some mood lights for the baby and to relax us parents
  • zerowing
    kid coming next year, wont mind buying some babie stuff
  • Alexa
    I'd get the back catalogue of Disney Blurays, then it really would feel like Christmas
  • charmaine f.
    hi i would like to buy my partner the panasonic lumix tz6 as our camera is broken then he can continue to take his array of photos of our 4 children the youngest whos birthday is the 13th december
  • Ian F.
    An actifry to replace mine, which has just died with a bang and a puff of smoke. Oh, and a fire extinguisher.
  • dawnymarie
    I would love to recieve yoga stuff from amazon and maybe a pair of boots!
    i would really like a go go pets deluxe funhouse i have searched everywhere for 1 and my autistic 11 year old daughter really wanted it for christmas i have managed to get the hamsters but cant get hold of the funhouse at a reasonable price so this would make my christmas
  • Strawdog
    I'd probably plump for an XBox Elite to replace my current launch console.
  • James
    I would love a canaon Ixus camera to replace the museum-piece camera I use today! It's so old, I have to wind it up ;-)
  • D_C
    Please can I have some Lego, I really wanted a lego train set as a kid
  • Kevin
    Wii + Wii Fit or Wii Fit Plus. If that is not possible then an Xbox 360 Elite please. Thanks.
  • ROb
    I would buy my daughters any presents they wanted. Well for under £200 anyway.
  • ken If I won £200 Amazon voucher, I would like to buy this netbook for my wife: Thanks.
  • ascen
    I would really like an acer aspire revo for my mum so she wont be so lonely this christmas. It's been a particularly hard one this year.
  • Gavin
    An Xbox 360 Elite with Fifa 10 and a network adapter, that would be great. Thanks Playpennies !
  • Richard
    A digital camera!
  • Tony
    an xbox 360 with left for dead 2 and the WEP pack would be nice or PS3 :)
  • dontasciime
    If I won I buy this
  • Joseph
    Hi there, Subscribed etc - unable to use Twitter as I do not have an account. If I won I would get a Nintendo Wii and watch the kids little faces light up on Christmas day.
  • Imtiaj
    I would love to buy some Xmas presents for my family.
  • Alison
    £200 to spend on Amazon would be a great help with all the birthdays i have coming up after Christmas
  • Hannah
    I would buy my hubby a tri-pod for his digital camera, he really wants one for Xmas, but budgets won't stretch that far. He always gets me great birthday/xmas pressies, so would be fab to get him the present he really wants!
  • Killgannon
    I would love to just but some guitar effects pedals, some ps3 games and other bits and pieces would be lovely =]
  • aishah
    I would get toys for my 4 children
  • Karim
    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD) (X360)
  • Karim
    Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (COD) (X360)
  • Justin
    a 19inch tv for my bedroom as my old one has gone kaput :( and some blu-rays
  • Louise
    an lcd for my lounge! good luck all xx
  • miluda
    Loads of books as it's been a while since I've read regularly.
  • Kiri
    I would love some bedroom furniture for my 2 kids bedroom please.
  • raowler
    COD - Modern Warfare 2 Special for PS3?/??? with the night vision gogles for me...
  • Rob
    1. I would buy a nice pair of classy boots for the wife and a little scooter for the daughter. Just in time for their birthdays in February too!! 2. Twitter..
  • dank
    Xbox 360 Arcade + Colin McRae Dirt 2 + Forza 3 Limited Edition for me!
  • antj87
  • Ben Would probably go for a wii with a couple of games etc. Merry xmas!!!
  • Steve
    A nice camera for baby pics.
  • big s.
    One the HTC android mobiles.
  • Lee
    It would contribute to a wedding ring of some kind for my girlfriend.:)
  • Liz
    I want an xbox elite + saw game :D
  • mp32
    I would love a playstation 3, i could pretend it was for the children with the eyepetgame, in the evening I culd use it to watch blu rays so everyone would be happy. Merry Christmas :o)
  • Donger
    Apple ipod touch 32GB
  • Donger ipod touch 32GB Thanks and have a great Xmas.
  • Adam M.
    I would get these bad boys
  • Adam M.
  • summerof0763
    I would use it to replace my grandson psp,as his was stolen,and sadly i cannot afford to replace it.would make his christmas and restore my faith!!
  • Lee
    £200 hmmmm.... I think a selection of Lego Starwars sets to full fill my son Craigs Xmas list.
  • Luke
    I'd buy £200 of blu-rays :P sounds nuts but my prize my choice :P fingers crossed!
  • hannah
    I would love an Ipod with about 60gb memory for my husband for Christmas as I'm looking at a pre owned one at the moment with less memory as new ones are way out of my price range. It would be lovely to be able to get him a new one rather than a 2nd hand one. Many thanks xx
  • dontasciime
    Hi there, Subscribed etc – unable to use Twitter as I do not have an account. If I won I would get a Nintendo Wii and watch the kids little faces light up on Christmas day.
    Buy a torch they're cheaper
  • mitsubzt
    I would love a Panasonic TX-L42S10B 42-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p LCD TV with Freeview from Amazon UK as we are moving home on the 21st Dec & don't have a TV to go with it. Please oh please let me win.
  • Lethal
    I'd love to buy a PSPgo for my friend who has lost everything recently, and really loved to have a good old gaming session. :) Good luck to all!
  • Okes
    Hi I would like to win and buy lots of presents for my new little lad whose going for his 3rd vaccine jabs on the 18th December and hopefully cheer him up for his first Christmas! Merry Christmas all and good luck.
  • Okes
  • cravenfowl
    I would love some DVDs like Life (David Attenborough) for me, a digital camera for my husband, and a toy pram for my daughter.
  • NorthernFredz
    A telescope for my Dad.
  • Lerryn
    I would like santa to bring me a kenwood chef!
  • Lisa H.
    I would like a couple of DVDs,my 3yr old would love a spongebob squarepants DVD and I would raffle some bits off for the local animal sanctuary aswell as they are struggling to keep open.
  • dabluone
    time to get away from ipods - so a Sony NWZX1060B X Series walkman would kick ass!
  • Adam
    I'd like a netbook
  • lewis
    Ready Nas
  • lewis
    T wit T woo
    difficult - and the truth is I just don't know! but I would love searching on hotukdeals to get the most items for my girls and me xx merry christmas everyone xx
  • CJ
    Rotary Editions 100C
  • MS
  • MS
    Got be a PS3
  • Jonathan G.
    I would love a Storm Circuit 2 Watch Slate only £129.95 Twitter -
  • Dawn
    I would like a new watch, so that I can leave work on time.
  • dr
    I want a sat nav
  • tony t.
    This big 60 inch plasma by LG will do me nicely:) LG 60PS7000 60-inch Widescreen Full HD 1080p Plasma TV
  • Mina
    a swish highchair and possibly some jewellery.... hmmmm
  • Kyle M.
    I really want a netbook for university! Here is the one I want Asus 1001HA It would make doing uni work on the move so much easier!
  • C H.
    Would be thinking about getting a NAS from Amazon, makes sharing of photos much easier.
  • Izzy
    I would LOVE an XBOX 350 Elite, I've wanted one for ages!
  • Susan M.
    I would get a Tassimo or Dolce Gusto so we could have decent coffee at home.
  • Clare S.
    I would get my daughter a wii as it's what she really wants for Christmas but I just can't affors it at the moment
  • caroline d.
    50 inch Plasma TV would be great ;)
  • Paul G. If I had £200 from Amazon, I'd get the BCE FS-6 Snooker table (down from £249 to almost half price @ £132 + 31.50 shipping). This would be awesome for the kids (and, yes, me) :)
  • shweta
    I would like to get a wii box and some games with it. Nice surprise for mu hubby, as he wanted one this christmas:)
  • sean
    Doh, a Christmas themed competition :( I've not really had a Christmas since my parents died a few years back (and don't really have any other family!) so presents are a mystery to me! But if I had to choose something, it would be... some new Asics GT2150's. Or a nice guitar.
  • kirk e.
    I really want a nintendo DSi
  • kirk e.
  • shweta
  • Liam S.
    I think I'd have to go for a Playstation 3 so I can play the new Pro Evo.
  • abby b.
    WeeRide childs bike seat would be nice
  • ben
    i'd really like to have a go on a guitar for the ps3 and get lego rockband
  • Yousuf
    would get a g25 steering wheel
  • worto03
    I'd get one of these :)
  • sue
    I would like an ipod touch to listen to my music.
  • Gabriella
    I'd love and Ipod touch, and a new pc
  • Stephen
    An Ipod Touch: Would be delightful!
  • Mark C.
    I'd definitely buy the Archos 5 250GB Media Tablet - Amazon's got this on a great deal at the mo!
  • Mark C.
  • Victoria B.
    I would really love a new camera. Mine has just about had it now.
  • jane c.
    Cast iron casserole pot and saucepans.... my daughter has been diagnosed with colieacs disease so I need some good quality cookware
  • ira
    Anolon Non stick large wok or their hard anodized sets. have replaced loads of times, they all become stick after a year
  • ira
    Anolon Non stick large wok or their hard anodized sets. have replaced loads of times, they all become stick after a year. or i would get loads of accessories for my house , have moved in 3 years still empty.
  • Kim
    Would love a Canon digital camera
  • engowen
    I need a quinny buzz 4 for my future bb which will due next year
  • Don
    Panasonic TX-P37X10B plasma
  • Gavin
    Really would love a ps3 slim!
  • Neil
    band hero for the wii
  • junglist
    I could do with a PS3 slim too.
  • S h.
    If am lucky then i would like to get Amazon Kindle. I love it to use but quite expensive.
  • lee
    i would like to donate any gifts to the value of £200 to the local childrens hospital or children who are in need of a smile this xmas
  • max b.
    i could do with some vocal training for christmas
  • Leigh G.
    Suscribed to email updates: Re-Tweeted: @gorskino10 What I Want: Amazon £200 voucher as i want something that comes out in a while so that would go towards it :D :D
  • Stuart D.
    PS3 slim for the bedroom! :D
  • Naz
    Go towards a laptop for university
  • Khyam
    i would definantly buy a quad core motherboard and processor for my desktop. Its barely able to process the simplest tasks anymore and i need an update. Really need something to keep me occupied during uni :).
  • Khyam bonus entry
  • J B.
    Would really like an iPod Touch
  • Kevin K.
    Xbox 360
  • LoubyLou74
    I'd like to buy a Lumix TZ6 so I can take pictures of my beautiful family in the new year. Would be great for travelling as it's so compact :D
  • Tara
    I'd like a Wii
  • Sean
    iPod Touch or Xbox 360
  • Kenny
    £200? Well I think I'd buy £200 worth of blu rays... and beleive me i'd have a goooooood time spending it!
  • Lisa
    Panasonic TZ7 Camera.
  • Lisa
    Forgot to leave twitter link
  • JOE M.
    Want a new ps3. After my girlfriend dropped mine down the stairs. :(
  • Lee C.
    really need some games for the wii that my daughters getting for xmas
  • Gareth K.
    My sons just reached the age where he need a new car seat so 2 of those! (plus maybe some Blu Rays for dad!)
  • Rachel W.
    I would really like a digital camera. I promise to use it for good, not evil photos of my lovely friends.
  • Jennifer T.
    I would love to be able to buy my husband an xbox 360 - he would love it have signed up to emails and tweeted the comp :-)
  • Carla
    I would love a new canon lens from amazon :) I also tweeted generous competition on twitter
  • John R.
    A Playstation 3 and Modern warfare 2
  • Matthew C.
    I'd like Carcassonne, the board game, and all the expansion sets.
  • Gaurav R.
  • Stephen B.
    i would buy some new ghd's for my beautiful wife, some more toy cars for my son and a sleep training clock for my darling daughter as her having a lie in is a present that we all can enjoy.
  • JS
    As a new parent (my newborn son is just over 3 weeks old!), I would like some BumGenius reusable nappies for my newborn baby - not only environmentally sound but also economically cheaper than using disposable nappies (something which i think PlayPennies would be keen to support) ;-)
  • JS
    Oh and an ipod touch for moi lol
  • V R.
    I'd like a Fisher Price think pink baby bouncer for our new daughter expected in March & some more baby bits for her.
  • Lisa H.
    Apple iPod Touch for me - my toddler has totally ruined my other phone, sob!
  • Cher W. netbook £199.99
  • Julie B.
    I would really like an iphone, as my hubby and kids have them, and my mobile was only £10!
  • amanda h.
    I would like an Archos 5 250GB Internet Media Tablet WiFi 5",High Resolution Touch Screen 800x480 pixels
  • dickymint
    some hair straighteners for my lovely grand daughter
  • La W.
    I genuinely and truely want a Sony VAIO Z51W laptop. It is my dream laptop. Please please make my dream come true.....
  • michael m.
    any kind of toy will do for my 2 disabled boys, this time of year we are all fealing the pinch, so it would be nice to receive any kind of gift
  • Stephanie M.
    I would love to win this and if im honest would prob spend the money on my boyfriend cuz he's the best :D Fingers X'd i win!
  • Steve
    Id like DJ Hero on the PS3 for my 13 year old son! Cheers....and Merry Christmas one and all! :)
  • mamboboy
    Logitech G25 and a new computer case :)
  • Kiran
    Would love a Wii.
  • Pindi
    A HP MediaSmart server, keep all my files safe!
  • karthik
    I would like to go for a 250g slim PS3 :-)
  • rodders
    I would really like to buy a new sonic toothbrush for sparkling teeth!
  • Marie
    2 copies of PC version Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 2 one for me and one for the boyfriend :) thats all
  • Chryssie S.
    Would love to get some toys and games for my two beautiful, patient, helpful children
  • Gary L.
    Would love an XBox 360 Elite with Forza 3 & Call of Duty - Modern Warware 2.
  • Simon
    What would I buy with £200? I'm not really sure, but I would buy a LOT! A few DVD's and CD's, an iPod for my Wife, and some peppa pig toys for my little girl.
  • Alexa
    I want the handy manny talking tools for my little boy! How cool! lol
  • Jake
    A Playstation 3
    I would buy a dolls house for my little girl! Thyre so expensive!!
  • marto
    I really really want an iRobot Roomba. I don't get the time to clean as much as I'd like to. With this robotic helper I wouldn't have to worry about it, simply schedule a daily job while I'm at work, then empty it when I get home :D
  • Gavin C.
    A PS3 would be nice
  • Scott G.
    I would buy the Magimix 11402 L'Espresso Machine so i could get my caffeine fix on christmas morning and also cure the hangover on boxing day. (Also, i just love coffee).
  • David
    Would like to treat the Mrs to something special!
  • Glenn c.
    Will buy a few things Wii Fit Plus - present for my dad as he can't do his traditional fitness regime due to health issues. Baby Rocker & Warm Pyjama Set & some cute little shoes. GHDs for my beautiful girlfriend A Spa day for my mum and or a SLR camera for my girlfriend! Then for don't really want anything for me! Maybe an Xbox 360 game? Or actually The Hurt Locker on DVD when it comes out :)
  • Sarah
    I would really like a pair of Umi boots for my little girl
  • Katie W.
    I need a new pushchair, so if I won, I'd put it towards something like this
  • Ian
    i realy need this Twin dvd player keep my 2 'little uns' quiet on the two hour trip to see my big sister, Merry Christmas All :)
  • Brian
    I would buy an Xbox360 and some games for my nephew, it would make him a very happy boy indeed!
  • Domo
    I'd love to treat my other half with something special for Christmas!
  • David
    A Wii with Wii Fit Plus would be lovely.
  • Simon
    I would probs put it towards a Canon Flash Gun (o:
  • Ian
    AI would like a Philips HF3330 goLITE BLU Energy Light For Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to combat the winter blues as we cant get away this year for Christmas as my Dad is very ill.
  • Ian
    i tweeted !
  • richard g.
    Baumatic HomeKing 50CM Under Counter Larder Fridge as my fridge is on its way out. thanks
  • Jared
    Would love this to get a few goodies for my wife and daughter. :) would like an xbox 360 for myself but that would be selfish. anyways worth a shot.
  • mass
    I would buy a new ipod touch, mines died :(
  • loretta s.
    i would spend all the money on my husband
  • cammey
    I'd buy a notebook for studys so i can ditch my workstation sized laptop!
  • Kim
    I would like an xbox for my son. He really wants one and I think he's a little young at 8, but a free one would be fab.
  • Ali
    I would buy a laptop
  • Nathan
    I would buy a few PS3 games!
  • Aidan M.
    I wouldn't mind a new TV. There's just too many too choose from!
  • acecatcher3
    a wii would be awesome thanks
  • lilac
    I would like a 22 inch tv please with freeview not fussed about brands and stuff as long as its a good value :p:p if the tv had a dvd combo player for £200 or less that'll be cool too :)
  • Gari189
    Hmmm - £200 would buy me (sorry I mean the children) the PVR I have my eye on.....
  • Phil D.
    oooohhh oooohhhh I could get myself the Blu-ray player that I'm sure I deserve, even if my wife says I don't.
  • Elizabeth B.
    I'd love to be able to get my little girl a proper wooden playhouse for the garden ( ). Can't justify the money though at the moment :( She'd love to play house!
  • jd
    A gift voucher would be really handy to put towards a new hdtv
  • Gilla01
    I love books. Could find books for everyone!
  • Stephanie c.
    same here, defo pressies for my daughters...there birthday are both in january so it would be brilliant to win
  • Kevin M.
    would really like to get an Xbox 360 for my son, he has been after one for ages.
  • Darren S.
    It would have to an Amazon Kindle and a selection of ebooks... and then some classic movies such as the box set of Walter Pigeon movies. Merry Christmas everybody (and Happy Holidays to thos of different faiths).
  • Paul D.
    I would love a Samsung LCD tv
  • Feroze
    Old laptops just about had it, so would love to get a 10" netbook to replace it. Something like the Acer Aspire One D250 would be ideal :D
  • ann
    im not sure what i would get from amazon for myself for £200 but i would spread it around a bit with my children and grandaughter ,im sure they would find a few things lol :D
  • Jacqueline P.
    I would sooooooooooo love a satnav!
  • Stephen
    A Western Digital Live HDTV box and a Passport Hard Drive :)
  • Sue B.
    God I need a sat nav to stop me from keep getting lost
  • julie s.
    A new handbag and pair of shoes please!
  • Alison M.
    the boxed set of the sopranos for my husband
  • Colin
    Hi, I would love an ipod touch and a biological psychology book I need for my course, not long returned to study as a mature student, an ipod touch may make me look younger too!
  • ellen
    I would like a digital camera. twitter:
  • Margaret F.
    An X Box 360 (Christmas Present for my Granson)
  • Tara O.
    I would LOVE an Ipod Touch! :) Ive subscribed to daily updates and RT'd here:
  • Carrie
    twitter: I'd treat myself to some new camera gear
  • Jay
    I just got a PS3 so I'd love some games and blu-rays! I've tweeted And subscribed :D
  • Kevintappin
    Great comp for Xmas .x
  • Emily
    I'd love a really big LCD telly, so i'd put the prize towards that if I won :)
  • Kerry W.
    Nintendo DSi with Professor Layton - would be lovely!
  • Emily
    also have tweeted the link
  • denise
    I'd buy a telescope for my boys to see how big the universe is, and to stargaze! lottiegirlx subscribed
  • Kelly
    I've managed to finish most of my Christmas Shopping so I'm not so worried anymore, therefore if I win could you please donate the Amazon Vouchers to The British Kidney Patient Association please They helped my son when he was a baby and they would put the prizes to good use helping other sick children.
  • Jan
    A Wii Fit (I need it!)
  • Linda
    I really want a Blu-ray player :)
  • Carolyn M.
    twitter link
  • Carolyn M.
    I would like an Ipod touch from Amazon
  • Christine W.
    **Put's hand up** Please Miss....I really need a Wii!
  • Steph
    A Wii would make my Christmas!
  • miles
    pants and socks lol
  • Barbara S.
    I would love some hair straighteners. I look like I've had a nasty electric shock!
  • Win B.
    [...] arses hanging out their trousers – we’ve had to move the pool table to make room for PlayPennies – a new team blogging about the best deals for parents. We’ll be honest with you [...]
  • Sabrina
    I'll have an xbox360 elite with 4 games and extra controller free for £194.77 thanx!:) please let me win this. I probably wont though odds are always against me as usual:(
  • Carolyn S.
    I want a sat nav. I keep getting lost! But I would probably by my 8 year old a Nintendo DS as she really really wants one but I can't afford it :o(
  • Henry
    I would love a Slam Man My twitter is:
  • Liam
    I really could do with a nice new blu-ray player for my Samsung B650.
  • Sarah
    Some presents for my family, and some new things for the flat!
  • Remi
    If the playpennies fairies grant me a wish, I'd get an Asus 1001HA 10.1-inch Netbook or update my CD collection or get an archos tablet or beauty stuff and fragances for my girl.
  • Matt
    xbox360 for me, and some fancy beauty products for the missus to plaster her face with
  • Shiny
    Ooooh an e-reader I mean an expresso machine i-pod touch ....Johnny Depp (would he be classed as sports & leisure???) Gah - I don't know what I would buy ...but I'd have lots of fun deciding :D
  • Sarah W.
    Only Fools and Horses DVD Boxset for my son,Sex In the City Boxset for my daughter and a Rocking horse for my Grandson. At the moment I have no pressies under my tree as I have just had an ICD fitted and recovering slowl,At least my children would get something nice under the tree!
  • Sarah W. sorry not sure how to get the link that I tweeted?
  • Robert C.
    I want my family to stop being at one anothers throats and enjoy the festive season for what it is... A time for forgiveness and love... and..also Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360.... :)
  • Spencer R.
    An Xbox 360 Elite Console, Get 4 Games And An Extra Controller Free Bundle for £194.77 :)
  • Spencer R.
    Twitter link
  • cmike1000
    "An Xbox 360 Elite Console, Get 4 Games And An Extra Controller Free Bundle for £194.77 :)" Me too!!
  • Donna
    Oooohhh! one of those Pure Sensio DAB radios. That would be marvellous. Or else a kindle. I love Amazon gadgets
  • zara m.
    i would really love a nintendo wii for me and my daughter to play! ..and i suppose the fiance too :-D
  • Faiza
    An iPod Nano, and alot of books
  • Louise
    A Camcorder. Not only so that I can capture my two gorgeous children in motion, but so I can also secretly film my husband to prove to him that I 'did' ask him to empty the washing machine, 'i didn't imagine saying it because I'm over tired' and that his selective hearing doesn't fool me.
  • Eve F.
    A new camera, as I lost my last saturday on the x16 bus in Worcester (if anyone has found this please hand it in to the police as they have my details, long shot I know but worth a try!).
  • PlayPennies: W.
    [...] also running a competition to promote their launch, in which you could win a £200 shopping spree at Amazon, so head on over and check out the site. SHARETHIS.addEntry({ title: "PlayPennies: [...]
  • Joanne H.
    A nintendo wii and wii fit, so I can get into shape..
  • Jennifer K.
    I think I would go for this seeing as our bed is older than me and seriously uncomfortable (even more so with me being 6 months pregnant) haha xx Tweeted entry too (sweetiepie82)
  • wombatsam
    A new TV would be lovely. Ours currently has green slime (well, that's what it looks like)
  • Sarah
    This would let me succumb to the iPod generation and get an iPod touch if your random generator was kind enough to select me :)
  • Helen T.
    I am a Student nurse so the prize would be really handy in getting the books I need for the course :-)
  • Idris B.
  • Pam J.
    I would like to get a netbook for my son for school work please :D
  • Ling D.
    Le Cruset casserole dish and some new stock pots
  • TJ H.
    I would love a netbook, any netbook! :D
  • Sarah W.
    I new TV would be fantastic, fingers crossed x
  • Lisa P. definitely in need of a new laptop!
  • Gavin S.
    Xbox 360
  • Iryna
    lcd tv or netbook and toys!
  • Keith
    laptop or tv please
  • John
    digital camera
  • Susan
    books and trike for my granddaughter!
  • Bryn
    A Wii would be fantastic this year
  • Tom K.
    it would have to be a Wii for me!! Cheers.
  • Anita
    Playstation 3
  • Lauren
    I would buy all the books I've been wanting for ages and haven't been able to afford!
  • Christine
    books books books!!!!!
  • Silvia
    An ipod!
  • Paul O.
    A couple of external hard drives, so I can give them to my parents to allow them to backup all of the scanned in digital photos of the family photo albums for future family generations to see. :-)

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