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On PlayPennies, we share a few free competitions every week, in the hopes that one of you will win a mega prize, and be forever thankful. This feature is about finding and entering contests through the medium of Twitter, and how to increase your chances of winning cool prizes.

You'd be surprised to know how many people tweet about their contests on Twitter. As well as the large multi-national companies, small blogs and sites also use it to communicate with their readers. It's these little sites that have a small readerbase, so therefore you would have a much higher chance of winning a prize. OK, it may not be as amazing a prize as those offered by the big guys, but it's still nice to win anything!

If you search Twitter for certain keywords, you can come up with some lesser known contests to enter, and hopefully have good chances of winning.

Win1Search for "competitions"

Simply do a twitter search for the word competition or competitions. Take note that the singular and plural versions give you different results.

Now, these searches are going to output posts from all over the world, including many competitions that may not be applicable to us in the UK. You can try searching for UK competition or UK competitions. If people are posting about a competition on a Dot CO Dot Uk domain, this will appear in the results. This gives you much more tailored results, and it is easy to click through and enter the free competitions.

WIn2Search for "contests"

While this is a more Americanised term, some people still may use this word to announce their competitions. Again, it's worth considering the singular, the plural, and combining with the UK phrase.

Search for "giveaways"

Another term that is used quite a bit in the blogging world is the word "giveaway." While this really isn't very common in the UK, you still might get a few nice competitions in there. Again, I recommend a search for UK giveaway or UK giveaways.


Search for "prizes"

Again, this might not give you many results, but it will show up some competitions that did not appear in the above searches. If you search for UK prize or UK prizes, you may see a few more to enter. Of couse, as with any of the above searches, you run the risk of getting irrelevant results… such as tweets about the Nobel Peace Prize!

Search for "win"

Just another handy keyword to search for, again combined with UK to find tweets containing UK and win - UK win. Quite often, this flags up people re-tweeting the contest in the hopes of winning a prize themselves.

General searching tip

If you want to find a specific phrase on twitter, put the phrase in inverted commas. You can see the difference between UK competitions and "UK competitions."

Of course, you can just use google to search for free online competitions, but as you are using Twitter, and you are seeing real time results, you know these competitions are live and active, and not out-of-date.

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