Fairy Garden Craft Box £12.99 @ Amazon

Fairy Gardens This isn't specifically a deal, but it's such a lovely summer project, we wanted to share it with you. The Fairy Garden Craft Box set is £12.99 delivered at Amazon.

I got a Fairy Garden Craft Box a few weeks ago, and my four and two year olds loved putting it together, sowing the seeds, building the fairy house and decorating the garden. The whole activity with the three of us working together took about half an hour, but the hours of role play, imagination and moving the fairy around the garden since have been fab.

My oldest has even given the included fairy a name, and decided she is  the fairy and the statue is one of herself. So much imagination. 

Inside the box you'll find a fairy garden bowl, and fairy figurine, oyster shell which is the water feature in the garden - and the kids need to keep the water fresh and the shell clean -  a sparkly fairy cottage, a clothes line with posts & pegs, die-cut cloth for the clothes line, and a die-cut carpet for cottage. There's grass seed and coloured gravel as well as mushrooms, flowers and various bits of glitter, or fairy dust.

The Amazon blurb mentions plant pots but we didn't get that in our box.

There's loads in it and my kids have loved the kit and have been great at maintaining it. I highly recommend it for a summer project for sure. I mean, who wouldn't like fairies living in their garden!

We'll certainly be keeping an eye out for discounts on these, but even without reductions, it's worth the money to me.

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