Dora The Explorer Little Cooks Collection Review

We love cooking together, my 2 year old and I. She does loads of mixing and stirring and pouring and it’s normally great fun and generally not too messy. When Little Cooks Collection brought out the Dora the Explorer set, it was something we just had to have. The magazines are £4.99 per fortnightly issue (issue 1 special price £0.99 and issue 2 special price £2.99)

The Little Cooks Collection is a fortnightly magazine subscription which is delivered to your door. When you subscribe you receive a magazine tidy box – a godsend in your kitchen – a cooking timer, an ‘on the go’ lunch bag, and a hat and apron decorated with Dora (these come along with your first five shipments). You also receive cooking equipment with each magazine, and the list of what you’ll get is way too long for me to share here.

In fact, that’s been one of the bonuses of this set – you could kit out your kitchen with the sheer quantity of baking equipment you get with all this. Also, you’d expect it to be pretty mediocre quality, being for kids, and while the rolling pin is quite small and the cooking timer doesn’t always buzz when it stops, the rest of the goodies we’ve received in our first seven magazines have been really, really good. I even use them in my baking sometimes!

The magazines are great – they have a main recipe, a few smaller recipes, a story, a craft activity and so on, so you can bake or cook together, then have a read and an activity, or spread it over a few days. I find the activities a little ‘old’ for my two year old, but she enjoys all the rest.

We really love this collection and look forward to it arriving in the mail. Now, it’s supposed to be fortnightly, and it isn’t. I’m not actually sure, now I think about it, but I know it’s pretty sporadic and we normally get two or three issues at the same time. It hasn’t bothered me, and it hasn’t been a problem for my little girl either. We certainly haven’t gotten to the point of waiting by the post box.

The recipes are easily adaptable, and really simple. They’re basic and easy for children to follow.

The only negative we have for the Dora the Explorer Little Cooks Collection is that it can be quite packaging heavy, with things wrapped in heavy plastic and over packaged.

Apart from that though, we love cooking with Dora the Explorer.

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