Memorybits Media, Gaming and Camcorders: 60% Off

29 September 2010

Memorybits This offer ends tomorrow! With this discount code you can get 60% off Memorybits media, gaming and camcorders. Fantastic if you're looking for maybe a mini DV camcorder for Christmas or want to beef up the memory in your digital camera with a new card.

Click here to get 60% off Memorybits media, gaming and camcorders

  • Discount: 60%
  • Minimum spend: £0.00
  • Voucher code: PREXMAS60
  • Expiry: 30th September 2010

More than half price? Too good to be true? Well it looks like a lot of folks at HUKD have made use of this code and received emails to say their order is being dispatched. So it does look hopeful. The offer is also available on its associated site, which frankly looks identical to Memorybits so is probably simply the same site.

It seems like a lot of people are making the most of this offer. It took me forever to get into the site, and when I did it was very slow. I also found that lots of items are now out of stock. Plus there's only one more day left. So you do need to get in now if you want to get any of the real bargains. Delivery is free so you're not looking at too costly a bill at the end of your shopping. If that is you make it that far and don't give up in frustration first!

Thanks to Harlequinuk at HUKD!

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  • Shaz
    Website seems to be very slow. not working for me :(
  • Sin
    Prices are completely artifically increased. Example: Kingston 8Gb pen = £133.66 Kingston 16Gb pen = £215!!! Sale is a joke.
  • Lynley O.
    Sin I looked at a memory card that came in at a really good price compared to elsewhere on the internet. I think that PlayPennies parents are all canny enough to not just follow sale prices but do a web comparison before they commit :) Shas, yes sorry about that! As I said in my reivew, the site is painfully slow if you manage to get on there at all. It speeded up a bit much later on though, presumably when most people had gone to bed.
  • Justin
    "I'm sorry but checkout is currently offline". So I can't even pay? Ridiculous.

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