Xbox 360 4GB Console + Kinect + Games £229.98 @ Argos

Xbox 360 4GB Console + Kinect + Games £229.98 @ Argos


This is a fantastic deal for an entire Xbox 360 system that will stand you in good stead for quite a while. In fact, I am not sure what we would have done without ours this holiday season because snowed in means bored kids. £229.98 is pretty darn good from Argos.

So the new Xbox 360 slim is nice and quiet and offers lots of lovely storage space so both parents and kids can save their respective games. You also get a Kinect Sensor and the game Kinect Adventures, both of which offer a lot of family fun. While the games for the Kinect are still kind of rubbish, there is a lot of entertainment value in what’s currently available.

Plus you get three game sets to choose from, although the games are not child friendly. I must confess that my kids adore Rock Band on the Xbox 360 and it has been the family game of the year so first get the console, then look at bargains on games like these. Great for developing child co-ordination!

Thanks to adamck at HUKD!


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