Watch Out This Father’s Day @ The Watch Shop

4 June 2010

Wenger-72424 I couldn’t resist that heading! Well, this is a lovely idea for Father’s Day, especially if the Dad in question happens to have a habit of losing his watches, or perhaps has a passion for them. The Watch Shop have a huge range of watches from £11 upwards, and they are currently running a 50% off sale with free next day delivery on all orders placed before 4pm. Bargain!

I really like this idea for a Father’s Day present as you are able to get some really nice watches for low prices and you can match the gift to the size of your budget. If you had your heart set on buying your Dad a watch but don’t have a lot to spend, this will save you hours of trawling through the net.

While I know that watch buying is hugely personal, I thought I’d throw some of my favourites your way. The Sekonda Chronograph Watch is down to £39.99 from £71.99 and sports a rugged edge and plenty of cool face extras.

Diesel-DZ7101-copyFor someone who’s idea of budget is to spend over £100, then perhaps the Diesel Dual Time Zone Watch, down to £185, will appeal. This monster looks incredible and will be a perfect tool for the businessman that travels across the globe (at least it will remind him to call in normal hours!).

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