Set of 6 Children's Picture Books On Kindle 77p @ Amazon

8 November 2012

There's a set of 6 in one Children's Pictures Books by Charles Vald available to buy on Amazon for just 77p, and the moment I saw it I rushed off to buy. (That one click purchase is dangerous!)

I bought these books and they were delivered to my Kindle immediately. I've been having a bit of a glance through the stories and they are pretty cute, a little off beat and great for emergencies - like when you're stuck in a queue and your child is bored. They're really just short stories, but have loads of illustrations and even though they're black and white on my Kindle, they are simple enough to definitely get the message across.

There are six books in one:

  • Why Knights Don't Save Princesses From Tall Towers Anymore - The Princess is stuck in the tower. Who will rescue her? The dashing knight of course. But, what is a princess to do when none of the knight's rescue plans work?
  • There's A Mouse In The House - A pesky mouse keeps stealing food. Jeff's mum wants him chased away by the cat, but Jeff decides it's best to make friends.
  • Space School - Class Three are disappointed when their teacher leads them out onto the field for a school trip. Until, Mrs Juniper presses a button and a spaceship appears.
  • Ugg And Fang - No pets are allowed at cave school, but Ugg decides to take his sabre-toothed tiger, Fang, in anyway. Of course this results in chaos!
  • What Is That Thing? - A strange creature is swept up onto the shore. It doesn't know what it is and neither does its friends. The bullying cheetahs know what the thing is, but they wont tell until the thing joins their mean gang.
  • Dinosaur's Only - Pterodactyl wants to go to the dinosaur party, but Allosaurus won't let him in as he's not a dinosaur. Pterodactyl and his non-dinosaur friends disguise themselves as dinosaurs so they can sneak in.

Apparently this is aimed at 4 -  7 year olds, and I can see that but must admit, in a pinch, throw in a lot of dramatisation and it will do just fine on a younger audience too.

Thanks to Charlieejv at HUKD for the heads up on this!

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