Pink Lips Phone £5.99 @ Argos

Clips You may as well get into the mood for Valentine’s Day. It’s not like you can escape the profusion of red and pink hanging from every shop window so why not just take it that one step further with this brilliantly designed phone. The epitome of “ugly pretty,” these are down from £19.99 to only £5.99 and will look adorable on your bedside table.

I just can’t resist these but then I adore weirdly designed phones. It must be a bad taste gene from somewhere down my family tree. I own a Star Trek phone, a Bakelite phone and now these hot pink lips. The only problem I have is where to put them all.

Clips2This fully operational telephone has last number redial and a pause function and is not for use by children, although they can surely enjoy a yak or two with adult supervision. According to the site the colour may vary but seeing as they describe them as pink lips I can only assume it will be different shades of pink.

Well, here’s to crazy telephones and the people that sell them cheaply – Mwah!

Thanks to pmackers at HUKD!

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