Philips HF3463 Wake Up Light With Radio Alarm

Philips HF3463 Wake Up Light With Radio Alarm

Ok, now I thought twice about posting this. Yes, it's technically an alarm clock and yes, I do realise that the last thing that the average parent of a baby / young child needs is an alarm clock but oooh, this is a clever one. Bear with me.

womanOk, so imagine the voice of the lady from the Marks and Spencers advert now: This no ordinary radio alarm clock. This is a radio alarm clock that wakes you up with natural light, giving you happy hormone surges, and a choice between birdsong or what the Amazon website calls a 'friendly beep'.

So instead of being woken at 6-something-am by loud, insistent shouts of 'IS IT MORNING YET?' that get ever louder until not even three pillows and a duvet pulled over your head can drown them up, you can wake up in a Zen-like state.

It has been clinically proven that you need up to 250 Lux to affect energy hormones in such a way that you wake up full of energy. The wake-up light wakes you up in a natural way, by light that gradually brightens to emulate natural sunrise, positively affecting energy hormones to wake you more naturally and with as much energy as on a sunny morning. It's also a digital FM radio so you can also wake up to your favourite music or news station every day.

How does it work?

  • Set your wake-up time and your preferred light intensity and volume setting before you go to sleep.
  • From half an hour before your set wake-up time, light gradually increases to the intensity you selected (250 Lux advised).
  • The light brightens at an optimum rate, following a special curve proven to be most effective.
  • The light falls on your eyes, sending your brain a message to increase the production of cortisol, the energy hormone.
  • This means that at the set alarm time your sleep and energy hormones are better balanced, and clockyou'll feel more energetic right from the start of the day. At your set wake-up the sound will come on very quietly, and will also increase gradually until it reaches the required volume.

Usually £100, this is now reduced to £50 at Amazon, with free delivery and a two year warranty.


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