Parents Freebie: Free Microsoft Security Essentials

Parents Freebie: Free Microsoft Security Essentials

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It’s amazing how many people don’t have any security software on their PCs. Truly amazing. The stories of phishing and all sorts of other terrifying security breaches are not just stories, they are happening to people right now. So if you don’t have any form of firewall, anti-virus, phishing filter or other such protection on your machine then get it from Microsoft for free right now.

I am not advocating that you use Microsoft here. What I am saying is that if you can’t or won’t afford paying for heavy security options like Norton (which frankly seem to just eat system space and annoy you) and you’ve lost the wonders of free AVG, then here is another option.

If you have a legal installation of Windows on your machine then you can download and install this without a problem. It’s a pretty good package, I must admit, and it provides you with anti-malware solutions, protects against viruses and spyware and other such malicious software, and it is free.

It took me the length of writing this post to install it and set it up, and the steps are pretty self explanatory. Enjoy your free computer security!

Thanks to big-boy at HUKD!


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  • Sammy
    Its worth noting that the software monitors your computer and sends back its details, and details about the programs installed on it, to Microsoft periodically. Some people may disagree with this.
    • Me
      Actually I feel I need to clarify Sammy's statement, that's absolute balls and never proven
      • M00bs
        I moved over from BitDefender having used this for three yeats and have had no problems with it, and no bills!
        • Sammy
          From the privacy policy for the software: "This software contains Internet-enabled features that collect certain standard information from your computer ("standard computer information") and send it to Microsoft. Standard computer information includes certain information about your computer software and hardware, such as your IP address, operating system, Web browser software, and version." also "Microsoft Security Essentials includes Microsoft SpyNet, Microsoft’s free online community, dedicated to reporting and stopping malware. As a “basic” member of SpyNet, Microsoft Security Essentials will automatically send information to Microsoft to help Microsoft determine which software to investigate for potential threats and to help improve Microsoft Security Essentials' effectiveness." "absolute balls and never proven"?