Nintendo 3DS Console £179.99 @ Amazon

Nintendo 3DS Console £179.99 @ Amazon


It may seem premature of me to think about the summer holidays but I am one of those folks who likes to plan ahead. The Nintendo 3DS console is the latest thing in 3D gaming and it doesn’t ask you or your kids to wear daft 3D glasses either. Amazon have marked it down from the hefty £229.99 to £179.99 with free delivery.

The Nintendo 3DS is not just a fabulous gaming toy that will ensure both you and the kids have fun in the sun, it is also an excellent educational device. You can play games on it, sure, but there are so many different educational titles for kids across all age groups that it is a brilliant way of keeping them up to date on their education while off school for nearly two months.

The Nintendo 3DS is also a brilliant tool for limiting the usual cries of, “I’m booooored” that echo through homes over the hot summer period. And you won’t feel bored either, grin.  

Thanks to joeeeallover at HUKD!


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  • Nik
    Down to £174.99 now. Also can be bought as part of a bundle with a game and free screen protectors for only £184.99 and you can add a case for an extra £5.