Nikon Cool Pix S2500 £49.97 @ Tesco

Nikon Cool Pix S2500 £49.97 @ Tesco

I had one of 'those' days on Sunday - you know the ones, where everything and anything that can come and slap you in the face is going to - and as a result I need to replace my little point and shoot digital camera; this little Nikon Cool Pix S2500 looks like a  bargain and is on sale at Tesco for £49.97 instead of £99.97.

So, I spend part of my offline-away-from-PlayPennies life as a photographer; I shoot with a big Canon DSLR and I also had a little Canon point and shoot (sometimes you just want something simple), HAD being the key word in that sentence.  In short, my daughter is taking Art GCSE, she borrowed the little Canon and promptly 'misplaced' it *GROWL*

With 12 mega pixels this little Nikon actually has as many as my big DLSR (the giants of that world are going to become obsolete before too too long I'm sure) along with a 2.7inch screen on the back, subject tracking, 16 scene modes and all sorts of other features and options, including a 4 x optical zoom.

You also have a choice of colour - you can have one in BLACK, PINK or RED - and you can choose to have it delivered to your home for £4.95 (an adult will need to sign for it) or you can arrange to collect it for free from your local Tesco.

Happy snapping!


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