Messless Gadget Charger £49.99 @

Messless Gadget Charger £49.99 @


So this is the regular Sunday post where we share with you something we found whilst on travels around internet land - like we didn't need any more excuses to actively go looking for 'stuff' - and I am most excited by this one!

In my house gadgets rule and we share our living space with a small community of  phone chargers, iPod, iPhone and other random USB cables, and I'm sure the wire-tangling fairy sneaks in at night and mixes them all up so that come morning there is just a mess of leads on the desk that resembles a plate of spaghetti!

gadget1Well, NO MORE I tell you! Have a look at this gadget charger and tell me it's not brilliant! The glass disc has four connector ports so you can charge up to 4 gadgets and gizmos at the same time.  It comes with different adapters and they're easy to swap over, simply unplug the one you don't need and bung in the one you do!

Yes it's £49.99 but this is a small price to pay for my sanity and not having to waste precious minutes of my life doing undoing the handy work of the wire-tangling fairy!  Standard delivery with is £4.95, I say 'standard' but they're pretty swift off the mark and if you order before 3.30pm they'll post your item out that very afternoon.

USB cables and gadget chargers get ready to be relegated to the kitchen junk drawer!


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