Lowepro Apex Shoulder Bag For Digital Cameras £15.99 @ Amazon

9 July 2010

bag If you are busy packing and preparing for your big family festival then you’re likely to be taking something digital along with you, be it a digital camera or camcorder. The thing is, as much as we adore looking at the amazing photos after the event, it can be quite nerve-wracking carrying them around in heaving crowds. So this chap, down from £28 to £15.99 including free delivery, is perfect.

This bag comes with a shoulder strap, an all-weather cover and a soft inner tricot lining. The padded dividers are adjustable so you can sort your bag out to suit your camera and accessories. You also get a built-in memory pocket (handy! I keep losing my spares as they float free in the bag), and a built-in microfibre LCD cloth.

The bag is lightweight and rugged and designed to withstand the elements and it has enough space to store your camera/camcorder, spare memory, and batteries. This particular bag is only available in Arctic Blue I’m afraid, but bag2that’s hardly a hideous colour is it?

So, if you haven’t already invested in something like this to keep your kit safe, then get this beauty for this great price. It’s ideal for keeping your equipment safe and dry (yes, it has water-resistant nylon) while you camp, festival and have fun.

Thanks to amackie at HUKD!

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