In-Car Wireless Music Transmitter For iPhone/iPod £12 @LyncMeUp

In-Car Wireless Music Transmitter For iPhone/iPod £12 @LyncMeUp

You know the feeling of utter joy and elation that comes with finding the EXACT thing you've been looking for ages?  Well that's how I'm feeling right now with regard to this in-car wireless transmitter for your iPhone/iPod!

If you've ever wanted to play songs on your iPhone through your car stereo (and don't have a port to plug it into that makes this possible) then you will WANT to take advantage of this deal - you can pick up this 'play your iPhone music through your car stereo' gizmo for £12 instead of £29.99.

Here's how it works...

You plug the wireless FM transmitter into the bottom of your iPhone or iPod, match an unused frequency on the transmitter and your car radio, the two will 'talk' and you'll be able to play all the songs on your 'i' device through your car stereo; marvellous!

You'll also get a charger adapter to plug into the 12V socket (cigarette lighter socket as it was called in the old days!), so you can charge your phone at the same time rather than draining the living daylights out of your battery, it also comes with a remote control so you can skip through tracks without having to mess around with your phone.

Delivery will cost an additional £1.99 and will take between five and seven days, although there is advice to allow 14 of them.

Happy playing iPhone music in the car! 


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