George Foreman 10-Portion Entertaining Grill £43.99 @ Amazon

George Foreman 10-Portion Entertaining Grill £43.99 @ Amazon

foreman1This could possibly be my deal of the day and if you've got a culinary inclined father/husband/partner/boyfriend/whatever then it would make a great Father's Day present too!

Gone are the days of deep-fat fryers working their socks off night after night; gone are the days of vegetables boiled to oblivion in pans of overly salted water too.

Instead they've been pushed to the back of the kitchen cupboards to gather dust in favour of steamers and George Foreman grills, which come in all different shapes and sizes.

foreman2This one is a bit of a beast and is billed as a '10-portion entertaining grill' or family sized and it does all the usual things a 'George Foreman' does - channels all the grease away from your food and drips it into a tray, has a 'floating' hinge so it will cook thick things just as easily as thin and does it in half the time of conventional cooking methods too.

This is a bargain as Amazon cut the price of this from £99.99 to £43.99 so I reckon it might fly off their virtual shelves before you've had time to roast your peppers on it!

Delivery is free, as always, if you choose the supersaver option.

Thanks to LoveHearts over at HUKD!


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