Genuine Apple USB Plug Adapter And Cable £8.99 @ Play

Did you miss this deal on genuine Apple USB plug adapters and cables the last time?  GUTTED! But now, REJOICE because it's back - you can pick up a genuine Apple USB plug and cable for £8.99 instead of the usual £25 (£25, honestly, that's nothing short of extortion).

I made the mistake of buying a few non-genuine Apple USB plugs for around £9.99 each last year; they charge my phone BUT the touch screen seems to get confused if I try to use it when it's connected to one of these chargers, so I have to unplug it which totally defeated the entire object.

The entire object was to be able to plug my phone in to charge, in any room in the house, and STILL be able to use it - which is why I chose the plug option over docking stations; I use my phone a LOT and fewer things irritate me more than the battery completely dying on me (I even have a USB charger and lead permanently residing in my car!).

If you need another couple of USB adapters and cables for your iPhone (or iPod, or iTouch, or anything else 'i' that you happen to have) then definitely take advantage of this deal.

Thanks to Faheem98 at HUKD

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