Fire Kids Edition Tablet 16 GB With Kid-Proof Case £75.05 Delivered @ Amazon

Fire Kids Edition Tablet 16 GB With Kid-Proof Case £75.05 Delivered @ Amazon

Looking for a Tablet this Christmas? You can find cheap ones everywhere, but take it from me, they do NOT last. The Fire Kids Edition Tablet 16 GB With Kid-Proof Case comes with a TWO year 'Worry Free' Guarantee - so if the kids break it, Amazon replace it. Grab one at the best price ever - £75.05 delivered!

The Fire Kids Edition Tablet 16 GB comes with a Kid-Proof Case which should protect the devise against drops, bumps and tantrums.

Unlike most other Tablets on the market, this is made with kids in mind.

It featres a kid-friendly web browser with controlled access to 1000's of age-appropriate sites and YouTube videos.

You also get 1 year of Fire for Kids Unlimited which gives you access to 1000's of books, TV shows, educational apps, and games for FREE.

Delivery is FREE of charge!


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  • Kirsty B.

    I've been wanting to get one for a while hoping maybe for one to go on offer before Christmas :christmas_tree:

    • Anastasia D.

      They're on offer now. £75 from £99

      • Kirsty B.

        Thanks brought one :) in my excitement think I explained I had just brought it :) x

      • Stephanie E.

        Thank goodness for the two year warranty as my son has smashed his screen on his this morning :thumbsup:

        • Ggayle M.

          this is the kids one I was talking about x

          • Julie D.

            Aww yeh thats good xx

          • Joy D.

            this one grab it while you can xx

            • Annabel L.

              Great, I was going to hang on until Black Friday but don't think any deals will beat this?

              • Hannah M.

                Black Friday will go down to £69.99 but it might go out of stock by then. At least that was the case with the blue one last year...

                • Helen R.

                  I've got one on it way... I was going to wait till Black Friday too, but remembered last year, all websites kept crashing n when u finally got on it more a less sold out and this has saving of £25 already. Xx

                • Nicola H.

                  Has anyone had one of these? R they fast and affective as a normal tablet?

                  • Jo W.

                    Great tablet all parent controlled timer do knocks off after to long lots kids games all in their own profile recommend

                    • Ruth K.

                      My son is 6 and has had one for 18 months - it's been fab

                      • Kimberley C.

                        We got them for boys last year and they love them. got isla one for xmas this year. We just bought ares the fire ones not the kids one about £50 cheaper. Form argos on offer for £35 best pads they had so far x

                        • Lisa W.

                          We love ours they are so good but the batteries are rubbish!

                        • Mary S.

                          They're not android though. I need two but really want android. How does this work with apps?x

                          • Ruth K.

                            It's great as they can download whatever apps they want as they are all free for a year as part of the kids package.

                            • Mary S.

                              Really! All the usual ones? X

                              • Ruth K.

                                Yep all the usual ones - you can put Netflix etc on as well

                                • Mary S.

                                  Thank you. X

                                  • Emma K.

                                    yeah you even get ones you pay for elsewhere as part of the free year!

                                    • Helen J.

                                      Could you tell me please how the children are able to watch videos whilst not at home with in the car etc? Do you have to buy data every month?

                                      • Gill C.

                                        My experience is You can only use "apps" whilst not on wifi unless something is "downloaded" from prime etc onto memory or memory card

                                      • Margaret M.

                                        everything normal pads do x

                                        • Sophie P.

                                          Couldn't recommend this enough, my 3 year old LOVES hers! :blush:

                                          • Helen H.

                                            We love ours. If you get Amazon prime (free for a month) you can get it even cheaper

                                            • Lauren M.

                                              How do you do this I can't find it x

                                            • Rachel W.

                                              Can you download movies onto it or does it not have the capacity for that? And has it a memory card port? X

                                              • Danielle E.

                                                Yes to both you can add memory and download films

                                                • Rachel W.

                                                  Thats brilliant! My daughter has an old samsung tab its great and still works but even with all the blocks she gets onto videos that no 5 yr old should be watching.. And the earphone port is broken.. so this might be a good suprise for her on christmas morning x

                                                  • Emma C.

                                                    Danielle where do you download films from?? Do you have to buy them from amazon??x

                                                  • Laura R.

                                                    Does anyone know if they can get you tube on these?

                                                    • Joanna O.

                                                      Does anyone think this will go lower in Black Friday deals?

                                                      • Kerry S.

                                                        This is my thinking as well

                                                        • Joanna O.

                                                          Think I'm going to wait and see

                                                          • Kerry S.

                                                            Joanna I've just spoken to Amazon to check the returns policy, you get 30 days. So I've bought them at this price and if they go cheaper on the Black Friday I'll re buy them and send these ones back.

                                                          • Sarah-jane M.

                                                            Ordered its coming today . Thankyou xx

                                                            • Alice Y.

                                                              Does anyone know if they are compatible with mathletics?

                                                              • Gill C.

                                                                All google/android apps are available on "parent" profile and then can be imported to "child" profile s you see fit

                                                              • Rachel M.

                                                                I have 2 of these for both my girls , my youngest has thrown it stood on it everything, very sturdy case. Battery lasts ages. Perfect for kids

                                                                • Cat R.

                                                                  Can you downloads the sky kids app and BBC kids app ? Thank you xx

                                                                  • Gill C.

                                                                    You can down load anything on parent "side" and share whatever you think is appropriate into "kids" profile, hope this helps x

                                                                  • Donna B.

                                                                    Thank you Hun, they are limited to one in each colour though and I need two blues and a pink :-/.xx

                                                                    • Michelle M.

                                                                      Brilliant that's me ordered. Best price I've seen. Thanks hun xx

                                                                      • Donna K.

                                                                        I've already got Charlie's had it about a month xxx

                                                                        • Donna L.

                                                                          These are great but you will need to buy a large memory card as it fills up very easily x