Ben 10 2GB MP3 Player £13.60 @ Amazon

Ben 10 2GB MP3 Player £13.60 @ Amazon

ben10mp31The question is....if Ben 10 was listening to his Ben 10 MP3 player, would he hear the aliens creeping up on him?

There's been a bit of debate over this item here at PlayPennies HQ this morning!

My first reaction when I saw this was 'a Ben 10 MP3 player, really?!  There'll be a Gruffalo one next. MP3 players are grown-up toys *mutter mutter*'   But then I realised I'm just showing my age - when I was eight I got a walkman as my BIG birthday present because I loved listening to music and would often be found grooving along in blissful solitude to my Adam and The Ants albums on cassette!

No one buys cassettes anymore (are they even available to buy anymore?!) so what are the alternatives?  Have them carry around a ghettoblaster a'la the late 80s? I wouldn't recommend you let them loose with your iTunes account so you'll have to download songs and stories for them and this will hold up to 500 of them (depending on file sizes).

ben10mp32Another concern was young kids plugging ear-bud type headphones into their tender lugholes and blasting them with the volume turned up LOUD.  If this is a concerm for you then you can always find a pair of old-skool headphones that sit over the ears, rather than in them, and have your little music fan use those instead.

The MP3 player comes with a usb cable to connect it to your computer and this is how you charge its battery too.  Amazon have reduced this from £24.99 down to £13.60 and delivery free as usual with the supersaver deal.

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!


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