Beat Cancer With Father’s Day @ Cancer Research UK

2 June 2010


Fathers are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. They either have everything already, or they want things that cost more than the GDP of a small African country, or they tell you that they have everything they need and beam at you happily. This leads to much feminine frustration and anguish.

Well, how about getting the difficult man in your life, the father of your children, a lovely gift that will give so much more by helping Cancer Research UK at the same time? There are quite a few stunning gifts on offer so there’s bound to be something here for the fathers in your life.

Here are a few ideas from what’s on offer. You can adopt a Meerkat (simples!), get him a clock made from a Stella Artois bottle, buy him blue bullseye cufflinks, get him a Union Jack frying pan and round it all off with an eco friendly glow brick.

The prices range from as low as £3.99 and go all the way on up to £82.99, so there should be something here to suit every budget. My personal favourite is the Worst-case Scenario Survival Tin.

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  • neil
    Ladies don't fall for this nonsense.This is overpriced rubbish. If the gentlemen in your life doesn't want anything and you want to make a charitable donation just make the donation ,don't throw money away paying for this tat. All men really want to do is watch Babestation after you go to bed.So for one day say it's OK.

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