Battlestar Galactica Complete Series £54.93 @ Lovefilm

14 June 2010

cylon How can you resist a journey back into the Cylon wars of Battlestar Galactica? When he gets this divine box set that includes every inch of Battlestar Galactica, he'll whip the popcorn out and watch this Fathers Day present with glee. 

Now, you're going to ask, what's the price of this? It's marked down to less than half price from £119.99 to £54.93. That's a saving of £65.06! To make your day better, free shipping, so why not? 

The complete box set includesthe  25 discs of the four seasons, not to mention hours of behind the scenes footage and interviews. The TV movie Razor, audio commentaries, deleted scenes, sneak peeks, minisodes, and extended episodes are also part and parcel of the deal. Juuust when you think there couldn't be more, there is an included 36 page standard BSG book. 

Finding this complete series treasure, I couldn't believe the price, and the fact it was thbattlestar-galacticae Emmy award winning Battlestar Galactica made it even better. Who doesn't love it? The stomp of Cylon feet. The zing whirr of those awesome red eyes. The shivers you can't help suppress. This is a super series.

Yes, the series had a few dips and lost some of its momentum around season three, but it is still a classic that offers up drama and action and romance in equal measure. A total bargain for the price and an awesome Father's Day present.

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