Amazon Fire Tablets Now From £34.95

Amazon Fire Tablets Now From £34.95

If you're after a tablet you're in luck as Amazon Fire Tablets are back on offer from just £34.95! Fire 7 tablets are reduced at Amazon, as well as from other retailers like Argos, John Lewis and Tesco so you have a choice where to bag these bargains! Here's what's on offer:

Fire 7 Tablet With Alexa 8GB (RRP £49.99)

Fire 7 Tablet With Alexa 16GB (RRP £59.99)

Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet 16GB With Kid Proof Case (RRP £99.99)

Fire HD 8 Kids Edition Tablet 32GB With Kids Proof Case (RRP £129.99)

Fire 8 Tablet With Alexa 16GB (RRP £79.99)

Fire HD10 Tablet With Hands Free Alexa 32GB (RRP £149.99)

What you choose depends entirely on your needs and your budget. I ordered the kids some on Black Friday and went with the Fire 7 for my youngest and the Fire HD 8 for my eldest. They love them and have found them really easy to use, and I love the Parental Controls as I know they can't accidentally buy anything!

I ordered from Amazon because of the free delivery, but most stores are offering the same price reduction, with Tesco beating them all by a few pence so if you have a store near you that's the cheapest.

This offer is on for a limited time only online and in stores where available.

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  • Jade S.

    Need it to store my pics :confused:

  • Laurena I.

    that’s the kids tablet I was speaking about. Xx

  • Olivia L.

    I got them the 7 when it was last reduced, thank you xx

  • Louise M.

    Yes matt saw this today we are going to order it:thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1: thanks luv we have been waiting for it to be reduced again :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

  • Nicola S.

    Thanks I’ll have a look xx

  • Nichola W.

    These are fantastic quality highly recommend them they even have a 2 year guarantee with them absolute bargain

  • ShareeAlice A.

    I shall be investing in another....Mummy needs the peace with half term coming up :joy::joy::joy: xxx

    • Cameron E.

      I told you dude, I’ll get them another!xxx

  • Leanne W.

    Cheap enough for him to break lol xx

  • Anthony C.

    I know, she's picked the yellow one

  • Amy R.

    Woo hoo. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: thank you.

  • Gemma W.

    Added to the list :joy::joy:

  • Katy O.

    Yeh want one for corey and Nathan to take away with us xx

  • Cally A.

    Ooh what great timing! Cheers lee xx

  • Hayley M.

    Thanks love but we’ve managed to get her one xx

  • Cat F.

    Yep if there’s a bargain to be had we’ll be in the know :joy: x

  • Leanne M.

    just after us talking abt them the other day

  • Joanna K.

    I only bought one on Saturday :tired_face::tired_face::confounded:

  • Ben J.

    Il never get him of it he's to young to understand to tell him he can't play on it all the time

  • Taylor M.

    They are really good my 2 have them and can't grumble for the price :) xx

  • Emma S.

    Thats fab, thanku hunni :blush::sparkles: xxx

  • Nikki M.

    Think it would be best getting cheapest one. Seems good x

  • Kelly B.

    A little tip don’t scrimp on the storage. You’ll need it. Or get a big memory card x

  • Laurean W.

    thanks for letting me know x

  • Amy L.

    Thats alright I want a tablet for Thea for Christmas

  • Helen H.

    I'm tempted, this one I'm on is on way out!

  • Andy B.

    Looks like a good plan :thumbsup:

  • Kerry L.

    for Kallie’s birthday!

  • Julie M.

    only 35 quid for Aiden xxx

  • Kelly P.

    the kids version is what ellah had. It's got tv programmes, games etc already preloaded be good for the girls?

  • Vanessa J.

    Are the kids ones any good in the sun?

  • Karen R.

    I nearly bought this yesterday, so glad I didn’t now. Tks for the tip off

  • Amy R.

    Ordering it now ready for the weekend :joy:

  • Alisha O.

    I'm not getting her one now too dangerous I think xxxx

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