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13 January 2015


If you've not yet discovered Mathletics, you're seriously missing a trick - it keeps my crew entertained in that crazy hour of the day when I'm trying to get dinner ready and deal with everyone (myself included) feeling a bit tired, hungry and emotional. And right now you can get 25% off the normal sign-up price. You have to sign up for a 10-day trial and then purchase Mathletics membership by the 7th day in order to get the discount.

My kids get membership through their school and even get set Mathletics homework, which I think is a completely genius idea. Let's just say it's pretty much the only homework that they beg to be allowed to do.

If your child's school doesn't have Mathletics accounts though, I'd say it's well worth buying your own membership. All the UK National Curricula from Key Stage 1-5 is covered, including the Curriculum for Excellence. It's also the world's most used Maths website with more than 10,000 schools and 3.5 million students checking it out.

My kids particularly love trying to make it onto the leader board and playing at the same time as their friends, while I really like that I get emailed a weekly progress report. Check it out - you've no obligation to buy membership beyond the 10-day trial if you're unconvinced...

With thanks to palaash78 @HUKD.

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  • al355
    Where do you get a trial? It is saying that trials are only for schools when I register.

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