Vimto Cheesecake Has Arrived @ Iceland!

Love the drink? Now you can have it in a dessert!
Vimto Cheesecake Has Arrived @ Iceland!

Now this is certainly something that is going to divide opinions, Iceland have just released a Vimto Cheesecake! My husband is all for this as he loves the fizzy drink, me not so much but it's worth a try I guess, I mean it is cheesecake after all!

I know the reason that I'm not totally feeling this dessert is because I'm not a Vimto fan, however if you are then this will be rght up your street!

The Vimto Cheesecake features a Vimto-flavoured creamy cheesecake filling which sits atop a beautifully buttery crushed biscuit base, all topped with a sweet purple Vimto glaze for that hit of flavour from the century-old iconic British soft drink.

I am guessing it will taste similar to a forest fruits style cheesecake thanks to the berry flavour. It's available exclusively at Iceland for just £3 and is selling fast!

Have you tried it? If so let us know what you think over on our Facebook page!


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