Tesco Gives Kids Free Fruit While You Shop

Tesco Gives Kids Free Fruit While You Shop

If you've ever been tempted to grab a bag of apples to keep your munchkins quiet whilst pushing them in a shopping trolley around the supermarket, you'll be glad to hear that Tesco has decided to start handing out free fruit to kids while their parents shop.

It follows a trial of the free fruit for kids scheme which was deemed a success and will now be rolled out across 800 stores.

The idea is that you can help yourself to apples, bananas and citrus fruits to be munched on by your little ones while you get your grocery shopping done - and it's in part a move intended to discourage parents from letting kids snack on sweets when they're doing the weekly shop.

I think it's a brilliant idea although I can't help wondering if it isn't open to abuse. How do you stop someone from restocking the contents of their family fruit bowl from the free fruit on offer?

And isn't it a little bit weird if the only way to make kids snack on a banana in the shops is to give them one for free?

But a Tesco spokesperson said the new free fruit scheme was a "positive step towards improving children's health throughout the UK".

Do you agree that schemes like this one - along with removing sweets from Tesco checkout areas - make it easier for parents to encourage kids to make healthy food choices?

Would a free piece of fruit hold any sway over you when it comes to what you let your little ones snack on during the supermarket shopping? Is it a cynical ploy by the supermarket to entice you inside their doors and make you avoid the competition?

And am I the only parent who never sets food inside the supermarket with my kids in tow?! Isn't this why they invented supermarket shopping - so you can fill your basket in peace with a glass of wine in hand if you fancy and without having to deal with pester power or high-octane requests for sugary snacks and treats as you wander the aisles?

Forget free fruit for kids; they'd have to start handing out Prosecco at the door to get me to going back to doing my shopping the old-fashioned way...

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  • Rachel S.

    A nice gesture and clever. My daughter always starving after school and gives me more peace if busy chomping ! :smiley:

  • Vickey J.

    This seems to have stopped in our local store in the last few weeks

  • Hannah H.

    Whether it's a marketing ploy or not, for some children that may be the only piece of fresh fruit they get that day/ week so it can only be a good thing :blush:

  • Colette M.

    I noticed Ikea in Edinburgh did this last week. Good idea.

  • Alison M.

    It is great - keeps kids occupied while shopping - we do it every time now if there is fruit !

  • Emma-louise B.

    Fantastic idea for the kids, although in eastbourne store today I witnessed a 40 something year old lady empty the basket in to her bag!!!

    • Helen S.

      Always one who has to spoil it!

    • Joni B.

      we are in a few months a go and saw a guy take 5 oranges I was shocked

  • Claire H.

    Fab idea! My daughter LOVES bananas and we got through the fruit and veg aisle today without the usual whinging for one coz I could take it from the basket. Brilliant.

  • Claire H.

    It's only just appeared in our store. Better late than never I guess. :smile:

  • Claire H.

    really! I'm down in Devon lol! I'm not a regular shopper at tesco but I suppose once a month maybe. Definitely wasn't there a few weeks ago but my daughter was in heaven today as I said yes to her whingey 1year old grunts for a banana!:joy:

  • Vicky J.

    They used to do it in our store then they stopped and the area got used for other things. It would be nice if they brought it back though, it kept my kids quiet for a few minutes! ;-)

  • Michael G.

    Not in mine...what a surprise

  • Hayley P.

    I always get a bag of bananas and give my son one going round and pay at the end I'm happy to pay for my kids to eat while I shop as long as the staff don't hassle me about it (which has never happened) it is a nice idea as long as people don't take the p out of it...

  • Kim G.

    Isn't in ours. :rage: and ours is a bloody huge one too.

  • Donna B.

    It's a great idea but our tesco only offers apples or pears. There is never any bananas.

  • Cara W.

    My 15 month old now looks for an apple in every shop we go to.i get most of my shop done will he gnaws away.its a fab ideax

  • Lindsay D.

    I actually saw this in the old Tesco bridgend on Friday. I wasn't with my daughter at the time but thought what a fabulous idea! I just hope folk don't take advantage

  • Charlie D.

    It was a warm day when we visited our local tesco so they were offering a choc ice or a piece of fruit. My children were very happy to have an ice cream whilst being dragged round the shops :blush:

  • Aoife D.

    Fantastic idea! I always end up with a bag of apples or bananas open !

  • Clare B.

    Today was the first day I had seen this in our local store. I was in the chiller aisle and a staff member came to me and asked if I had got a piece of fruit for my daughter, when I said no she went and fetched her a banana. She loves fruit so was very happy. To be fair I think when it comes to customer service Tesco are hard to beat. Today a worker seeing me struggle to push a trolley and a pushchair insisted upon pushing the trolley for me, he then put all my shopping in the conveyor belt and told me to shout him when I was done and he would help me to my car (I was walking, but the thought was there). Great customer service x

  • Joanne L.

    Mine had the trial then stopped. Now have very angry toddler when we are in ANY supermarket now asking for and not getting a banana. I don't mind buying him bananas, he just now expects to eat them around the shop. Tesco should have thought this through first.

  • Becki I.

    Great idea

  • TraCam

    Had this for a while in my local Tesco & it's great

  • Rachel M.

    do they do this at tesco's your end do you know?x

  • Lisa R.

    My daughter loves it! Every Time I go to do my shopping she runs straight to the fruit section and grabs a piece :joy:

  • Kirstin S.

    Our local store also gives children colouring pages to take home and have a big variety if fruit. I don't care if they're doing it as a marketing ploy, the only thing that matters is that the kids love it.

  • Ann-marie C.

    My little lady goes crazy when we go down the fruit Isle shield is 18 months and screams for a bannana, we usually scan as we go buy and weigh some and give her one to which she is very happy with. Would most certainly welcome this in out tesco store !!

  • Leanne C.

    How do you know if your store does this? I'm guessing you can't just randomly go do the fruit aisle and choose what you like.is there a basket near the entrance? my daughter would love this. We either open the pack of bananas up or she has the top off the French stick when we buy one

    • Moira B.

      saw it for the first time in my local Tesco, I was a tray of fruit at the end of the fruit isle with a notice telling you that it was free to children

  • Trish P.

    Some stores did it off their own backs a couple of years ago now it's an official roll out. Most superstores or extras will have it. It may be in a different part of the store, ours is near the front entrance.

  • Michelle M.

    The tesco in town we live in have been offering free fruit for children for a few months now! I'm not sure about it being a marketing ploy but it makes us get around the shop faster as my 3 year old munches on her pear, she does not get distracted by anything else (she loves her food!)

  • Em C.

    i think its a great idea my fifteen month old loves it only thing id say is maybe have a bin next to the display so can bin the orange peelings : )

  • Anne E.

    It's in the Wrexham branch and my son loved it. A man doing a home shop order told us about it, took us to the stand and Jack got a banana (so happy) even go a little bag for the rubbish well done Tesco!

  • Warren S.

    It would be a good idea if organic.

  • Abbie T.

    Now I can go home with a whole trolly of shopping and not half lol

  • Jacqueline J.

    our tescos have started this! Xx

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