Tesco Gives Kids Free Fruit While You Shop

Tesco Gives Kids Free Fruit While You Shop

If you've ever been tempted to grab a bag of apples to keep your munchkins quiet whilst pushing them in a shopping trolley around the supermarket, you'll be glad to hear that Tesco has decided to start handing out free fruit to kids while their parents shop.

It follows a trial of the free fruit for kids scheme which was deemed a success and will now be rolled out across 800 stores.

The idea is that you can help yourself to apples, bananas and citrus fruits to be munched on by your little ones while you get your grocery shopping done - and it's in part a move intended to discourage parents from letting kids snack on sweets when they're doing the weekly shop.

I think it's a brilliant idea although I can't help wondering if it isn't open to abuse. How do you stop someone from restocking the contents of their family fruit bowl from the free fruit on offer?

And isn't it a little bit weird if the only way to make kids snack on a banana in the shops is to give them one for free?

But a Tesco spokesperson said the new free fruit scheme was a "positive step towards improving children's health throughout the UK".

Do you agree that schemes like this one - along with removing sweets from Tesco checkout areas - make it easier for parents to encourage kids to make healthy food choices?

Would a free piece of fruit hold any sway over you when it comes to what you let your little ones snack on during the supermarket shopping? Is it a cynical ploy by the supermarket to entice you inside their doors and make you avoid the competition?

And am I the only parent who never sets food inside the supermarket with my kids in tow?! Isn't this why they invented supermarket shopping - so you can fill your basket in peace with a glass of wine in hand if you fancy and without having to deal with pester power or high-octane requests for sugary snacks and treats as you wander the aisles?

Forget free fruit for kids; they'd have to start handing out Prosecco at the door to get me to going back to doing my shopping the old-fashioned way...

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  • TraCam

    Had this for a while in my local Tesco & it's great