Save 25% When You Buy 6 Bottles Of Wine @ Tesco

Save 25% When You Buy 6 Bottles Of Wine @ Tesco

It's back! The massively popular Save 25% When You Buy 6 Or More Bottles Of Wine or Champagne promotion is starting again at Tesco, so you can stock up for those parties, barbecues, weddings or weekends!

The offer starts online and in stores from Thursday 29th June, and runs until 10th July 2017, so you have just over a week to get stocked up.

What's great is that you can mix and match from hundreds of wines, with almost everything included with just a few exceptions. It even works on wines that are already on offer, so if your favourite tipple is reduced you get an extra 25% on top!

There's no code needed, just add 6 or more bottles to your online basket and the discount is applied automatically.

I already stocked up the last time this offer was on so my cupboard is overflowing, otherwise I would definitely be grabbing some more bottles while this offer is on!


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  • Laura B.

    time to stock up again hehe xx

    • Sharon L.

      Thank u Laura actually went there earlier typical eh? X

      • Olivia L.

        Ooh good timing now I can drink :wink::joy: xx

        • Laura B.

          I don't think it's in store till tomorrow as I didn't see it when I popped there earlier. I'll try and get there this weekend xx

          • Danielle D.

            I'm going in there tomorrow :see_no_evil: 9am is probably too early to stock up though :joy::joy: xx

            • Sharon L.

              Paul said he will take me again tomorrow :joy::joy::thumbsup:never too early elle x

              • Danielle D.

                I might be judged :joy::joy: xx

                • Sharon L.

                  Not by us u won't x

                  • Danielle D.

                    Just the rest of Tesco :joy::joy::joy: xx

                    • Sharon L.

                      They don't know u x

                      • Danielle D.

                        This is true, they don't know about my medicinal needs :joy: xx

                        • Sharon L.

                          Exactly :thumbsup: x

                        • Claire O.

                          Ooh fill up the beer wine cupboard x

                          • Rachel M.

                            I don't drink you must have me mistaken for someone else

                            • Claire O.

                              you haven't written anything

                            • Kasia R.

                              Is it available in Scotland ? As normally is not.

                              • Jodie A.

                                I'm on it :blush: thank you! Xx

                                • Nikki C.

                                  Oh guess where I will be at the weekend!!

                                  • Roberta B.

                                    Oooooooh ! On it like a car bonnet !

                                    • Kayleigh T.

                                      Sorry to disappoint gals it won't be available in Scotland :joy:xxx

                                      • Alan W.

                                        On way home get me a couple the night :kissing_heart:

                                        • Claire C.

                                          I saw this :heart_eyes: gonna get stocked up! Lol

                                          • Melissa F.

                                            Whooop I'm currently sipping a large white wine and looking forward to tomorrow beer festival xx

                                            • Lucy G.

                                              Waiting for kids to go sleep so I can get a glass :joy::joy::wine_glass: