Robinsons Fruit Shoot Orange 8x200ml £1.80 @ Amazon

When you Subscribe and Save
Robinsons Fruit Shoot Orange 8x200ml £1.80 @ Amazon

You can't have missed the news about the heatwave that's incoming so it makes sense to stock up now on drinks for the kids. Amazon are beating all the supermarkets with 8 Fruit Shoots for £1.80 delivered with prime when you subscribe and save.

Also a cracking bargain are the Robinsons 1.75L Double Concentrate Bottles* They're priced from £1.31, the cheapest price around by far right now!

The Subscribe and Save is really easy to set up, as you just choose the frequency of your deliveries, at anything up to 6 months apart, and then place your order as usual. Once you have received your order you can cancel or amend it any any time.

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Orange

They are so handy for road trips and picnics as they're less likely to spill than cartons and normal bottles, thanks to the sports bottle tip.

A little tip if your kid only likes Fruit Shoots - reuse the bottles and refill with orange diluting juice. My seven year old still hasn't cottoned on to the fact that I do this.

Amazon Prime members or those spending £20+ can get free delivery on this item.


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