Pizza & Prosecco For £10 @ Marks & Spencer

Pizza & Prosecco For £10 @ Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer have brought back their hugely popular Pizza and Prosecco For £10 offer! It's on right now and ends on 7th August, and in in stores only so you need to get yourself to a store asap to grab this one.

You get to choose an authentic woodfired pizza from a selection, and a bottle of Conte Priuli Prosecco*. The prosecco sells for £12 a bottle, so to get that and the pizza as well for £10 seems like a great deal!

You can choose from the following pizzas, with the selection depending on the size of store, and subject to availability:

  • Woodfired mozzarella di bufala margherita pizza (V)
  • Woodfired salami Napoli diavola pizza
  • Woodfired prosciutto di Parma & rocket pizza
  • Woodfired pollo arrabiata Parmigiano pizza
  • Woodfired Italian cured meats pizza
  • Woodfired chargrilled vegetable & basil pesto pizza (V)
  • Woodfired pollo pesto pomodoro pizza
  • Woodfired prosciutto cotto & funghi pizza

They all sound pretty delicious! You have until Monday to grab this offer in M&S stores, so make the most of it!


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  • Char M.

    :heart_eyes: pizza for you prosecco for me :thumbsup:

    • Aimee G.

      Funnily enough I seen the advert for this and almost text u, but thought we had a bottle and 3 pizza's for not far off that Saturday lol. Pizza does look lush mind x

      • Ceri S.

        yeah we did actually, it does look nice x

        • Wesley P.

          I'll have the pizza. You have the alcohol

          • Laura B.

            Worth it if I could drink the prosecco :joy::joy: xx

            • Laura B.

              good idea :bulb::blush::champagne:

              • Toyah W.

                They had me at prosecco too

                • Zoe C.

                  No one wants trifle though do they :joy::joy:

                  • Lindsay C.

                    Haha! This is cheaper than the £18 for a ticket for the other thing :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: all over this

                    • Leanne D.

                      Oh yes please :kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes::kissing_closed_eyes: xx

                      • Emma S.

                        That's tea sorted for tomorrow xx

                        • Susan K.

                          They've got the right idea, loving it :pizza::champagne:

                          • Kerry B.

                            Lush. Next week let's make a date xxx

                            • Suz C.

                              Definitely had me at prosecco too!! Nice deal. X

                              • Jade C.

                                Thought of you as soon as I saw it xx

                                • Pamela B.

                                  Guess where I'm going tomorrow then.

                                  • Lorna Y.

                                    Think I might be getting some on Saturday :heart:

                                    • Natalie B.

                                      Might have to pop in and take advantage of this offer :heart_eyes: xx

                                      • Leesa M.

                                        Knew you would appreciate such a fab offer lol xx

                                        • Natalie B.

                                          You know me too well:joy: xx