NEW Matchmakers Caramel Coffee £1.35 @ Tesco

Limited edition flavour, available only until Christmas!
NEW Matchmakers Caramel Coffee £1.35 @ Tesco

We do love a new chocolate flavour to try, so we're all dashing to Tesco to grab these new Caramel Coffee flavoured Matchmakers! They're priced at £1.25 a box and they sound delicious!

If these look familiar, they are an old flavour that are returning as a limited edition, purely for the festive season, so you'll be able to enjoy them until Christmas.

Also on sale are the classic Cool Mint and Zingy Orange flavours, along with the super popular Honeycomb* flavour that's also returning for Christmas again this year.

I can't wait to try the new Caramel Coffee flavour, as sweet coffees are a favourite indulgence of mine, so I'll be adding some of these to my grocery order this week for sure!

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