New Luxury Kit Kat Senses Chocolate Box Available In The UK

Luxury Kit Kat Senses Chocolate Box

Hands up who remembers Kit Kat Senses? I loved them when they were released but they disappeared from the shelves sadly. But fear not, these yummy chocolate bars have been brought back by Nestle and now appear in a luxury new sharing box!

You can get your hands on the new Kit Kat Senses Chocolate Box from Tesco for just £3 a box!

The new bite size Kit Kat Senses are back with three new flavours – Hazelnut, Salted Caramel and Double Chocolate. You will be able to buy them in a mixed box or select one flavour.

KitKat Senses resemble a deluxe version of a KitKat Chunky bar, but are smaller and come with an indulgent layer of filling. The new chocolates have three layers of wafer, a thick top layer of filling and a milk chocolate coating.

You can get a 200g box of Kit Kat Senses from Tesco which includes approx 20 bite size bars for just £3 a box.

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  • Debbie Y.

    if any of uz want to treat me lol xx

    • Lyn G.

      And you can treat me love a kitkat xx

    • Sandie S.

      You need to behave then and eat it by tomorrow :joy::joy:

  • Jaye-Louise P.

    - look out for these! They may for fill my cravings :heart_eyes:

  • Clare C.

    look out for these :thumbsup: xxx

    • Clare C.

      probably sound nicer than they taste.... but salted caramel sounds lush! Xxx

    • Lauren H.

      mmm yeh worth a try :thumbsup::thumbsup:xxx

  • Zoe H.

    , look at these!!!! :heart_eyes:

    • Zoe H.

      I'm going to get some next time I'm in Tesco, got to pack in the the treats before I go back on the scales xxxx

    • Pauline S.

      They look delicious - will have look out for them and Double Decker spread next time i’m at shops xx

    • Lindsay P.

      I got the double decker spread today Pauline and it's amazing! Need to get those wee kitkats tho! #fatforlife xxxx

    • Zoe H.

      Yup the spread is fantastic, melt it in a pancake ooooft my god I'm going to clogged my arteries lol xxxxx

  • Jolene C.

    I was excited until I logged in to my tesco account and it went from kit senses to old El Paso taco kits :joy::sob::sob: not in my store then!

  • Stacey O.

    Ooh we do love a KitKat! Yummy xx

  • Hayley O.

    We do!! I opened a Easter egg today so i could have one :joy::joy: the hazelnut one would be amazing!! Xx

  • Paula M.

    Never heard tell of them before :thinking:

  • Lydia P.

    omg omg omg ..I need these ..where can I find them :grin::grin::grin:

  • Sarah D.

    I wonder if there any good lol xx

  • Moira D.

    Saw them.dont they look beaut :blush::blush:

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