M&S Have Launched White Pearl Strawberries!

They're strawberries in reverse!
M&S Have Launched White Pearl Strawberries!

Marks and Spencer posted a picture on their Instagram yesterday of white strawberries which prompted a very mixed reaction from shoppers! The M&S White Pearl Strawberries are not jut any strawberries, they are the first on the UK high street, exclusively launching in M&S Foodhalls.

Described as a "strawberry in reverse" by the supermarket, white on the outside, white flesh on the inside and red seeds.

The White Pearl Strawberries are sweet like typical red strawberries with an aroma of pineapple and notes of vanilla.

They were developed in Japan, using seeds from Japanese white strawberries crossed with traditional strawberries to create the unique blend.

According to the supermarket, this tasty fruit is best enjoyed at room temperature. They will be priced at £2 a pack only in M&S Foodhalls.

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