Morrisons Are Now Doing Yorkshire Pudding Pizzas

Morrisons Yorkshire Pudding Pizzas

I am excited. I AM REALLY EXCITED! Morrisons have started to sell Yorkshire Pudding Pizzas. You're excited now too!

Each Yorkshire Pudding Pizza is priced at £3 and is available in Pepperoni or Meat Feast.

There's not a hope in hell that I won't be buying one of these, so I will be hot-footing it down to my local Morrisons store in the hope to bag both flavours.

These pieces of culinary genius will be on sale until 20 February 2018.

Now, to have gravy with it or not?

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  • Jamie R.

    Hmmmm not sure about that...

  • Claire-Louise P.

    I might like this pizza cos I love yorkies and I love toppings xx

  • Kim D.

    Saw it already. Looks good x

  • Gemma D.

    Actually looks fit doesn't it!

  • Sarah B.

    I’m not a pizza lover :open_mouth:

  • John B.

    I don't know how I feel about this

  • Debs P.

    Na. Mince mash and peas all the way for me

  • Hollie R.

    I’m going to look for these later! X

  • Kacie C.

    Meant to be getting some today

  • Laura S.

    It does... but not sure if it's because I'm starving and at this moment in time I'd eat anythin!!!! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Rachael T.

    Probably cost more then it does to make your own.. they do look nice though

  • Sue H.

    Except the poynton store, coz they've got nowhere to store them!!

  • Andrew H.

    Can always try it for tea later

  • Fay M.

    Nooooo leave our yorkshire pudding as Part of our Sunday Dinner Not a bloody pizza :rage:

  • Lucy W.

    :open_mouth: I'm not sure how I feel about this. If it's cheesy I'm in obviously! X

  • Darren M.

    2 of those will be ok for tonight

  • Steven C.

    Weird and not vegan Lol x

  • Vicky B.

    Mmmmm defo try one of these lol x

  • Kate B.

    It's a pizza - IN a Yorkshire pud. What's not to like?! Weirdo :kissing_heart: x x

  • Laura M.

    Better with sunday dinner :blush:

  • Faye F.

    Yum, definitely worth a try x

  • Laura S.

    Because every time I have Yorkshire puddings I definitely always think you know what would go nice with this? Cheese and pepperoni.... no just no

  • Dan P.

    I dont think they will be that nice

  • Katie C.

    I think it looks delicious :grin::pig:

  • Sarah L.

    Omg!! These look amazing!!! I’m defo gonna get one!! Pepperoni all the way

  • Grace N.

    Mmmm they look so scrummy :heart_eyes:

  • Susan W.

    My lad would love it but just cheese and tom

  • Ellie L.

    Cheese and Yorkshire just doesn’t go...

  • Charlotte S.

    It's just wrong! Yorkshire pudding goes with gravy. The end haha x

  • Anthony Q.

    Nope . They just took a step to far x

  • Jon S.

    Normally I’m all over that sort of thing but I’m not feeling that...

  • Natasha H.

    I would give it a try xxx

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