Lidl To Sell 5kg 'Wonky Veg' Boxes For £1.50

5kg Veg Boxes For £1.50 @ Lidl

Great news for shoppers today, as Lidl* have announced that they will be selling big 5kg 'wonky' fruit and veg boxes at a price of only £1.50!

It's a trial to be run in selected stores only, and we think it will be a huge hit with bargain hunters everywhere.

The announcement from the store states:

"A fruitful idea for cutting food waste: we're trialling new 5kg boxes of fruit and veg that is slightly damaged, but still perfectly good to eat, for just £1.50.

It's being piloted in 122 of our stores, so if you come across any, let us know what you think."

This is such a large amount of fruit and veg for the price, and although it might not look all pretty and perfect, no one is going to see the difference when it's all chopped up in a stew, salad or soup. I'm hoping to get a box to encourage my kids to try some new veggies too.

Lidl haven't released a list of the 122 stores that will be stocking the veg boxes, but we're hoping that it will extend to all stores soon.

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  • Kayleigh J.

    ur fruit and veg fix......

  • Johanna E.

    This is great news. Why waste decent food just because it is slightly bent!!

  • Ian C.

    Three of these a week then

  • Naomi M.

    Love this !!! No excuses to eat clean !!

  • Janet B.

    We will have to go . bargain xx

  • Emma B.

    Love this would save so much on my weekly shop and means I could buy extra fruit for kids on top

  • Joleen A.

    Hope they can meet demand, brilliant idea :bulb:

  • Elaine C.

    Good news. Nothing wrong with wonky fruit and veg

  • Jennifer C.

    Brill idea!!! No need to waste food

  • Helen M.

    This is a great idea, don't know why this hadn't been done years ago

  • Margaret D.

    That's a good idea will have keep an eye out see if they sell them near me

  • Kim L.

    Brilliant idea! More supermarkets should most definitely follow suit! Not only does it cut down waste but also makes fruit and veg so much more affordable to all! We eat healthier we stay healthier!

  • Mark S.

    don't care about wonky depends how much is going off

  • Jennifer P.

    As long as they dont cover it all in plastic im looking forward to it

  • Jennifer P.

    Straight bananas get binned lol

  • Marie P.

    I’ll keep my :eyes: peeled :thumbsup:

  • Jan E.

    Great news which stores have been selected?

  • Daisy D.

    Is try a lot more fruit and veg this way too!

  • Sam H.

    great idea if you can get them,but im guessing all the smaller independent shops around my area will be buying them to sell on at a profit.

  • Natasha T.

    I wish more supermarkets would do this and even more so wish our local ones would participate!!

  • Lyndsey O.

    I seen this but prob not here.x

  • Sarah L.

    We need go what you doing tomorrow xxx

  • Stephanie O.

    Will check it out tomorrow :slight_smile:

  • Jennifer R.

    Not sure it's started yet. But keep an eye out.

  • Katrina S.

    You so should, I loved them when asda did them, but they don't any more and it's a shame.

  • Katrina S.

    Brilliant idea, that's a really good price too.

  • Sara M.

    Just about to tag you in this!! Xx

  • Sally J.

    I saw it earlier, looks ace xxx

  • Fay B.

    I buy Morrison's wonky veg all the time xxx

  • Sally J.

    All tastes the same, probably better xxx

  • Fay B.

    It does, just the shape maybe different xxx

  • Rebecca C.

    Great idea , I’d definitely buy them

  • June B.

    Great idea...time the others did something similar..

  • Simon S.

    Great idea, have to wait and see :blush:

  • Emily F.

    Don’t no half the fruit/ veg in Lidl will have a look tho

  • Tracey J.

    I will keep my eyes peeled

  • Emma L.

    Great idea hope they do it in Stow xxxxxx

  • Sean B.

    Nice we will get one of those x

  • Victoria B.

    I hope this includes Northern Ireland

  • Lorna L.

    Apparently they have decided to make this available in all stores from Monday! That's according to a comment from some one on another feed that had supposedly called Lidl customer services. £1.50? A bag of pasta, a bag of cous cous, some beans and a box of cereal. The weekly food shop done! Soup and veg stew every day! :joy:

  • Mandy C.

    Brilliant idea, I’d buy it xx

  • Sinéad L.

    Sounds good but is the farmer getting squeezed even further? They can't produce it for that amount.

  • Verity R.

    Lidl at Pontivy already does this . A wooden box for 1 euro. So you can recycle box as kindling as well. Xx

  • Liz L.

    Wonky veg is usually rejected by most supermarkets therefore costing the farmer more money in wasted crops, so this should help a lot

  • Antonia P.

    Fantastic idea, what matters is the taste not the looks.

  • Fiona S.

    Great idea - will need to keep an eye out for these - means more cooking !! Lol

  • Laura G.

    Oooh will have to have a look x

  • Emma P.

    Perfect for feeding my herd! Xx

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