KFC Flavoured Crisps Are Heading Our Way!

Made by Walkers, they are hitting stores this week!
KFC Flavoured Crisps Are Heading Our Way!

If you love crisps and you're partial to a KFC, then hold on to your hats as you're going to love Walker's latest invention...KFC crisps!

Yep, Walkers have announced it is now collaborating with KFC to make our snack times just that extra bit delicious.

Walkers MAX Kentucky Fried Chicken flavour promises to deliver the same taste as KFC's signature Original chicken recipe.

Meanwhile, Walkers MAX Double Crunch Zinger flavour will bring the same spice as KFC's Zinger Fillets with the newest, deep-ridged MAX Double Crunch crisp with 2x the crunch of standard MAX.

The packs will be available in a variety of sizes including a 50g 'grab bag' size and larger 140g sharing bags - and will be available to try from Wednesday 13 th January 2021. Individual retailers and supermarkets will set their own prices but Walkers has set the RRP for the grab bags at 85p, while the sharing packs have an RRP of £1.99.

But as well as being mouth-wateringly delicious, the new KFC crisps will also double up as a 2-for-1 voucher that can be spent at the fast-food outlet when they are fully open again.

Customers will be able to use the packets to get 50 per cent off when they buy two of KFC's "meal for one" range. The offer can be redeemed via drive thru or takeaway and the vouchers are valid until July 31st 2021, so you've got plenty of time to pick up your lunch after lockdown ends.

There goes the New Year's diet!


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