Iceland 5 Rasher Smoked/Unsmoked Back Bacon 150g 69p @ Iceland

Iceland 5 Rasher Smoked/Unsmoked Back Bacon 150g 69p @ Iceland

Well I wasn't going to place an order with Iceland this week, but since they are selling packs of Bacon for just 69p, I will be. Bacon is everything! Have it on Pancakes, with Eggs or on some nice Bread!

This fantastic offer is on now, until Tuesday 3rd April 2018! It'll be selling like mad, so if you want to stock up, then I suggest getting it now.

You can order it online, or nip into your local store.

Normally, Iceland 5 Rasher Smoked/Unsmoked Back Bacon sells for £1, so you're saving 31p per pack!

Find out where your local Iceland store ishere*.

If ordering online, you get FREE Delivery when you spend £35+


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  • Jenna B.

    There u go .. No excuse now.. Have breakfast ready every morning :joy::joy:

    • Thomas D.

      I wish lol

      • Nicola D.

        Haha lol he always does :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

      • Smoky J.

        Think I need a bacon roll seeing this.

        • Simon S.

          I'm on my way:joy:

          • Jenny A.

            Can't help but think about the welfare conditions of the pigs, and the livelihood of the farmers...where is the meat sources from I wonder... If a deal is to cheap to be true, someone somewhere is probably suffering in some way :neutral_face:

            • Sarah A.

              :astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished::astonished: yayyy xx

              • Elizabeth M.

                Ooooooooo I’m going there tomorrow!!!! Will stock up xx

                • Poppy L.

                  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH *runs off to Iceland*

                  • Samara M.

                    I know where im shopping tomorrow

                    • Emily T.

                      All I see is slices of pig. It had a face once.

                      • Louise B.

                        Bet the quality is good...:thinking: