Have You Tried The New Chewits Tornado Freeze Pops?

25 June 2016
 New: Chewits Tornado Freeze Pops

I was out shopping the other day when I got a sugar craving. Whilst popping my head into a Poundland store, I soon changed my mood when I discovered something that got me really excited.

What was it? What was it? It was the NEW Chewits Tornado Freeze Pops. They are like Calippos but in Chewits favours. You'll struggle to find anything better to cool you down this summer.

There are the traditional flavours: Cola, Strawberry and Fruit Salad. Then there are the Xtreme Range ones, just like the sweets: Sour Xtreme Apple, Sour Xtreme Tutti Frutti and Sour Xtreme Pineapple.

I have tried them all and I seriously cannot pick a favourite flavour at all. The Xtreme ones are so sour that they make you pucker a bit, but they are refreshing at the same time.

Like I said, I got mine out of Poundland and you got one extra in each pack, meaning that they were only £1 for six, instead of five.

They are a freeze at home range, so will be on shelves next to other ice pops, and not in the freezer.

You can find your nearest Poundland store here*.

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  • David H.


  • Kashmir B.

    This better be a real thing! Amazing!

  • Katie M.

    The xtreme are sooooo bitter

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