GLITCH! Get Pizza Express Pizza & Gu Dessert For £1 @ Tesco

GLITCH! Get Pizza Express Pizza & Gu Dessert For £1 @ Tesco

WOWSERS! If ever there was a glitch that got me all excited... Get down to a Tesco Store (not an Express) and you can get one Large Pizza Express Pizza and one Box of Gu Luxury Desserts for £1.

Here's what you need to do for the glitch to kick in:

  • Grab a Large Pizza Express Pizza and a box of Gu Desserts (you can buy more than one of each if you like).
  • You need to pick another 8 unique items - this could be 10p Sweets or individual fruits. It won't work unless you do this.
  • Take them to Self Scan (preferable) or to the till and pay.

How it works:

The Pizza and Gu Desserts are currently on a 'Meal Deal' offer just now at £5, so the discount for this comes off at the till. As Tesco offers a Price Guarantee on certain grocery items, this is factored in too, but on the prices of the Pizza and the Gu Dessert as if they were not in a deal but bought individually. Essentially, you are getting two discounts off of the Pizzas and the Gu Desserts. You are getting £4 off per duo.

Here's an example:

  • Buy 5 Pizza Express Pizzas (of the 2 varieties)
  • Buy 5 Gu Desserts (of 3 or 4 varieties) Gu Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake 2X90G, Gu Lemon Cheesecake 2X90G, Gu Zillionaire Dessert 183G and Gu Key Lime Pie Ramekins 2X85G.
  • Buy 5 10p sweets ( 5 DIFFERENT sweets, with different barcodes )
  • The Glitch will kick in and all you should pay is £5.50!!!

This could be pulled at anytime, so move quickly to grab this one!

Thanks to juggler1


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  • Chelle B.

    You just know I'd get to the till and it won't work and I'll have to casually run away :joy::joy::joy:

    • Angela C.

      No blooming pizzas in the shelf both times I've gone in though!

      • Charlotte P.

        Tried this last night and didn't work for us :rolling_eyes:

        • Sophie W.

          I've heard you need to get 10 items? Xx

          • Charlotte P.

            Yep, 10 items, all different barcodes/items and didn't work x

            • Charlotte P.

              Maybe just unlucky...

            • Neil W.

              Worked for me last night. Just make sure to get 10 unique individual items for it to work

              • Cheryl C.

                Do the items need to be different?

                • Stacey W.

                  I brought 8 individual items and someone else today 5 so u Def don't need 10....I only brought 2 pizza deals

                  • Neil W.

                    Yesterday I put in 2 different pizzas and 2 different puds and 4 other items and the glitch didn't work. Had to put 2 more items in. Not sure if some stores work differently for the brand guarantee but I had to do 10

                    • Stacey W.

                      Maybe then mine was only a little express store...

                      • Maryann A.

                        would this work in Southborough Express Tesco?

                        • Stacey W.


                          • Stacey W.

                            Sarah went to Pembury one and it's still working x

                            • Maryann A.

                              I'm in my pjs! Lol! Might have to shoot up there tho!

                              • Stacey W.

                                Lol worth a try if it doesn't work run haha

                              • Yassin S.

                                It works if you get two pizzas and two desserts grab some sweets not tesco brand but like little Harribos etc grab a couple of them but different ones and you get your deal x

                                • Ruby H.

                                  I did this yesterday morning, did you not see my post? Haha. xXXx

                                  • Gemma H.

                                    Yes but thought it was more than £1 xx

                                    • Ruby H.

                                      It's per meal deal, I got 4 meal deals and some other bits and I spent £2.80 :) xXXx

                                      • Caz J.

                                        We stocked up!!!

                                        • Connie B.

                                          we just bought 3 pizzas xx

                                          • Kathleen D.

                                            Get this lol xx

                                            • Antonia T.

                                              I have to buy 10 other items for it to wk

                                              • Clare B.

                                                Woo hoo worked a treat, 3 pizza and 3 dessert. Love a wee bargain. X

                                                • Daniella S.

                                                  this is what I was talking about. Apparently they've started withdrawing them from the shelves. x

                                                  • Caroline L.

                                                    , pizza express pizzas! X

                                                    • Kerry B.

                                                      Might have to have a look I tomorrow! Probd wouldn't work for me though! X